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Annual clovers to the rescue

Annual clover may be just the remedy if your pastures and hayland are looking a little under the weather this spring. Performance Seed, a newly established forage seed company at Lethbridge, Alta., is introducing two new low no-bloat annual clover varieties that show good potential as stand-alone crops or in blends for grazing, hay, silage […] Read more

Have you herd? You have to move it

Grazing with Steve Kenyon

herd | noun – a large group of animals that live, feed, or migrate together or are kept together verb – (with reference to a large group of people or animals) move in a particular direction When you read the above definitions, you may think of a herd of livestock grazing out on a hillside. […] Read more

The case for carbon storage

Alberta grasslands study to help develop policies

Good-news stories for beef producers are beginning to flow out from a massive dataset collected during a three-year carbon benchmarking study done to evaluate the effects of long-term grazing on native grasslands of Alberta. Some of the findings won’t surprise beef producers who see the positive effects first hand, but this is the first time […] Read more

When to move cattle

Grazing with Steve Kenyon

If you’re just starting out or have been rotationally grazing for a while, one of the main challenges you face during the grazing season is when to move the livestock. I have to make the same decisions with my herds. Each year is different and my grazing has to adjust with it. No matter how much you […] Read more

When rain comes to pastures at the right time

A sudden turn in moisture conditions made all the difference

I am back up on 4 Clover Ranch near Rocky Mountain House, Alta., having arrived a week ago and getting our custom grazing operation going with cow-calf pairs trucked in as this is written. Meanwhile back at our Alcheringa Pastoral (Australia), Helen happily reported that our steer sale in late May had gone well. We […] Read more

We harvest weeds!

I say it all the time. There is no such thing as a weed. All plants have a purpose. But what happens quite often is that particular type of plant will take over an area. This is because the conditions are favouring it. The “weeds” or undesirable plants are a symptom of an underlying problem. Address […] Read more

Aerial view of farmland, Canada

Saskatchewan sets tighter restrictions on land purchases

News Roundup from the November 2015 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The Saskatchewan government is set to lay down new law on who can and can’t buy up farmland in the province, backstopped with more enforcement and heavier penalties. Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart introduced amendments to the province’s Farmland Security Act, the legislation that already prevents non-Canadians and entities that aren’t 100 per cent Canadian owned […] Read more

An annual checkup for native pasture

The Grazing Response Index is simple, and inexpensive

The grazing response index (GRI) is a simple do-it-yourself way to evaluate the impact of grazing pastures, and it doesn’t cost anything but your time. “The GRI gives quick feedback each year, but doesn’t replace comprehensive assessments every five years or so to gather the full set of information for monitoring long-term trends,” explains Dr. […] Read more

Can Canada thistle be a remedy for overgrazing?

This 'pioneer species' may help maintain the soil surface

Of all the different species of forages that grow in my pastures, my favourite plant is the Canada thistle. It actually comes from southeastern Europe originally, so I am not sure how we Canadians got credit for it, but either way I’m proud to call it my own. Canada thistle is what I refer to […] Read more