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On the trail of bovine tuberculosis (bTB)

11,500 head sacrificed so far with no source in sight. 
The final phase of the investigation begins this month

A year ago beef producers in parts of Alberta and Saskatchewan were thrown for a loop when an Alberta cow tested positive for bovine tuberculosis (bTB) at a U.S. packing plant. The ensuing disease investigation by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) quickly became the largest and most complex beef cattle investigation in its history, […] Read more

Do you have a veterinary-client-patient relationship?

Animal Health: VCPRs will soon be needed to prescribe antibiotics

The significance of veterinary-client-patient relationships (VCPR) is being elevated to a new level as Canadian veterinarians strive to fulfill their obligations for oversight of medically important antimicrobials in the global battle to check the spread of resistant bacteria. By the end of this year, veterinarians must have records on file to validate VCPRs before prescribing […] Read more

a cow with Johne's disease

Johne’s found in three per cent of cows in Sask. surveillance program

Health: News Roundup from the September 2017 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Saskatchewan’s Johne’s Disease Surveillance Program has been very successful in that voluntary participation by cow-calf producers has increased every year to the point where there has been a waiting list the last two years. On the flip side, it has confirmed many participants’ fears of finding positive animals. From November 2013 to March 2017, there […] Read more

Comment: Will sustainable beef pay?

[Updated: Sept. 14, 2017] – Finally. After years of discussion and planning and surveying and researching, the Canadian version of Verified Sustainable Beef is about to face its ultimate test in the marketplace. It begins this October with the soft launch of the Canadian Beef Sustainability Acceleration pilot in which Cargill, the Beef InfoXchange System […] Read more

calves and cattle in a feedlot

There is no silver bullet!

Nutrition with John McKinnon

Recently I was invited by the University of Calgary to give a presentation at their annual beef conference on alternatives to growth promotants. The presentation was part of a larger program that addressed alternative beef production strategies that could be used to access niche markets or used in the future if federal regulatory agencies place […] Read more

A new cowplant for Idaho

CS Beef Packers will process 1,700 head per day

A family with lots of experience turning cows into beef has a brand new plant up and running at Kuna, Idaho, near Boise offering a new marketing option for cull cows to ranchers in the northwest U.S. and Western Canada. CS Beef Packers is a partnership between the Caviness family of Caviness Beef Packers in […] Read more

Another look at the costs and benefits of swath grazing

Research on the Record with Reynold Bergen

Well-managed swath grazing has well-known economic benefits for producers. But research results from a study funded by the Beef Science Cluster showed that it can have environmental benefits as well. Dr. Vern Baron and coworkers at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Lacombe Research Station recently published Swath grazing triticale and corn compared to barley and a […] Read more

Whitewood Livestock returns to Pipestone, Man., this fall

Marketing: While futures markets may fluctuate, one constant is this family-owned operation

The upcoming year will be one for the record book at Whitewood Livestock Sales as preparations get underway for the September reopening of its affiliated market at Pipestone, Man., and to welcome Canada to the 21st annual Canadian Livestock Auctioneering Championships next May 11 at Whitewood, Sask. Market owner-operators, Rhett Parks and his dad, Gene, […] Read more

British Columbia Cattlemen’s Association has a busy year ahead

Associations: News Roundup from the August 2017 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Members of the British Columbia Cattlemen’s Association are facing a busy year, starting with the adjustment to a new provincial government in June, and offering assistance to producers coping with the devastation of wildfires in July. The BCCA office in Kamloops was swamped last month helping to put haulers in touch with producers needing transport […] Read more

Nilssons buys Brooks feedlot

Prime Cuts with Steve Kay

You’ve probably been following the bribery scandal that engulfed Brazil’s Batista family, the majority owners of JBS SA, the world’s largest protein company. You also likely know the Batista family put its Five Rivers Cattle Feeding unit and other assets up for sale to pay for the 10.3 billion reais (US$3.2 billion) fine it must […] Read more