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Limousin bull picks up five championships

Purely Purebred with Mike Millar: News about you from the April 2018 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The last few months have been pretty exciting for Nordal Limousin & Angus and the Limousin breed. Their bull Greenwood Canadian Impact ET, raised by Greenwood Limousin, had quite a fall run. Grand Champion bull at Lloydminster Stockade Roundup, Farmfair International and Canadian Western Agribition, along with Supreme Champion at Farmfair. The final feather in […] Read more

Alberta Cattle Feeders approve New Era agreement

Associations: News Roundup from the April 2018 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association will partner with Alberta Beef Producers (ABP) on a proposed new breakdown of the provincial producer check-off, with negotiations to continue throughout 2018. This proposal, known as the New Era Beef Industry (NEBI) agreement, was one of the main issues discussed at the ACFA’s recent annual general meeting held in […] Read more

Comment: Checked-off

If you’re confused about how much check-off you will be paying the next time you market cattle you are probably not alone. It all depends on where you live. New Brunswick producers started paying the new $2.50 national check-off on February 1, which brings their total to $6.00 per head when the $3.50 provincial levy […] Read more

Putting science into grass management

The Grazing Response Index scores foliage removal, grazing period and recovery time

When it came out of Colorado in the 1990s, the Grazing Response Index (GRI) was strictly at home on the range. Now Ducks Unlimited Canada’s Jodie Horvath says that, with a few tweaks, the grass management tool can help graziers on Western Canada’s tame pastures, too. “When you’re a farmer, a lot of things feel […] Read more

Preventing reproductive wrecks in cow-calf operations

Breeding: There are four important management practices to improve reproductive efficiency

Reproduction remains one of the most important factors affecting the success of cow-calf operations. The Beef Cattle Research Council’s (BCRC) recent webinar on Preventing Reproductive Wrecks served as an important reminder that the reproductive capacity of beef herds remains paramount to economic prosperity in cow-calf herds. In the words of Dr. Dan Posey, Texas A […] Read more

Spurge purge tests bovine palates

Goats and sheep can eat leafy spurge. Can cattle be trained to do the same?

Like a parent convincing kids to eat their vegetables because they’re good for them, Jane Thornton is trying the same approach with getting cattle to eat leafy spurge. “Contrary to popular belief, leafy spurge is a very nutritious plant, comparable to alfalfa in quality,” Thornton says. “If cattle can become accustomed to eating leafy spurge […] Read more

Drought might end further expansion

Prime Cuts with Steve Kay

Beef cattle producers in North America largely owe their livelihoods to a simple but precious crop — grass. The more they have, the more they expand their herds because no producer can bear to see pasture being underutilized. The less they have, the more likely they are to cut their numbers. Producers in the U.S. […] Read more

EPDs sped up

Considering the practical implications of BOLT EPDs

For Jay Cross of Bar Pipe Hereford Ranch, Expected Progeny Differences (EPDs) play a significant role in breeding functional cattle. “Particularly in the last 10 years, we have recognized that an increasing number of our customers are driven by EPDs,” says Cross, who ranches at Okotoks, Alta. The Hereford breeder, whose family has raised cattle […] Read more

Stabilizing Ontario’s beef cattle industry

Five opinions heard at the Grey-Bruce Beef Day

If every producer put into practice two or three new ideas from the conferences they attend, the entire industry could benefit, according to Dr. Tammi Ribey. “The beef industry is us — everyone can do something,” she said. “If we all do a little something, collectively it should help.” Ribey is a veterinarian with a […] Read more

Speckle Park breeders bring home two Grand Champion awards

Purely Purebred with Mike Millar: News about you from the March 2018 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The Canadian Angus Association celebrated 50 years of Red Angus in its herd book by recognizing Ken and Rebecca Mackenzie for their 50 years of membership in the CAA. Ken’s grandfather established the Mackenzie farmstead in 1898 with an original herd of Shorthorn cattle. The Mackenzie Brothers family operation, composed of Ken and his four […] Read more