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Tips on when and how to check that very pregnant cow

Calving Management: Dr. Cody Creelman goes over the three stages of labour

Most cows and heifers progress normally through the three stages of labour (early labour, active labour with abdominal straining, expulsion of the placenta after delivery of the calf). Uterine contractions in early labour get the calf aimed toward the birth canal, the cervix dilates and the calf starts through. The water sac and then the […] Read more

Factors that hinder calf immunity

Calving Health with Heather Smith Thomas

Illness occurs when an animal’s body is overwhelmed by infection. A healthy animal with strong immunity is less likely to become sick than an animal with poor immunity. Immunity refers to the body’s ability to fight off pathogens, and this ability is developed in a complex process in which the body creates specific weapons for […] Read more

Certified Sustainable Beef

The framework that puts oomph behind the words

The Certified Sustainable Beef Frame­­work released December 7 by the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) is the set of documents that Canadian beef producers and primary processors will be able to follow to prove their operations are sustainable, chart improvement through the years, and help consumers sort out questions about sustainability. Backing up a […] Read more

cattle swath grazing

$2.50 national check-off on track for 2018

Policy: News Roundup from the January 2018 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Most Canadian beef producers will be kicking in another $1.50 per marketed head to the Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off starting at some point in 2018, with the long overdue increase in funds being used to further marketing and research efforts for the industry. The national check-off, which hasn’t changed in about 20 years, will increase […] Read more

Stay balanced

Building a seedstock business from scratch

Anyone who raises cattle knows the work is never done, it just changes with the seasons. Raising breeding stock takes that commitment to another level with registrations, shows, and sale preparations often colliding with the start of a new calving season. Despite all of the extras involved, Blair and Stephanie McIntosh knew from the get-go […] Read more

Comment: China opens some more

Prime Minister Trudeau’s five-day visit to China last month had a sense of déjà vu about it for cattle producers. The PM was there to keep alive the hope of a free trade agreement with the second-largest economy in the world, but came away with little more than his promise that Canada would continue to […] Read more

BVD testing in cattle

How cattle can be exposed and what measures to take if they test positive

BVD (bovine viral diarrhea) virus is a tricky pathogen that can affect cattle in different ways. It can cause abortion, mummification of a fetus, birth defects, stillborn full-term calves, normal-looking calves with immune deficiencies, and acute or chronic illness. BVD is an indirect cause of many other types of disease because it has adverse effects […] Read more

BVD screening and control program in Saskatchewan

Cattle producers urged to learn more about testing

Dr. Wendy Wilkins, disease surveillance veterinarian with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture, administers the provincial BVD screening and control program. “Here in Saskatchewan this program provides free testing for producers who are looking for PI calves within their herd. We don’t do whole-herd screening but we do offer testing for any dead, deformed, aborted or […] Read more

What can go wrong with swath grazing?

From freeze to thaw, Steve Kenyon has dealt with many a situation

I am a big fan of speakers at conferences that tell you about all the stuff that went wrong. I would rather learn from someone else’s mistakes than my own. I already have far too many “learning experience’s” here at Greener Pastures Ranching. Too many of the speakers explain how easy and trouble-free their particular […] Read more