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Eastern beef research facilities get an upgrade

Research: News Roundup from the August 2017 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

A $15.5 million injection into the University of Guelph’s Elora research farm is expected to produce a world-leading beef research facility. Meat science researcher and nutritionist Dr. Ira Mandel says the new facility will allow the university to amalgamate the beef research herds from New Liskeard and Guelph. “We’re going to have a much larger […] Read more

Western Beef Development Centre on the move

Research: News Roundup from the August 2017 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

This year’s summer field day at the Western Beef Development Centre (WBDC) marked the end of an era at Termuende Research Ranch, but the Termuende family legacy that underpinned the development of a dedicated forage-beef research and outreach program will live on when the WBDC program moves to the new Livestock and Forage Centre of […] Read more

Precondition calves regardless of weaning time

The well-prepared, preconditioned calf rewards the producer, the buyer and, most importantly, the calf

Now is the time to start preparing calves for marketing with a sound preconditioning program developed in concert with your veterinarian. Drier weather may mean selling this year’s calves earlier, so preconditioning your calves sooner rather than later makes good sense. Do not wait and, out of frustration, call the trucker and just send the […] Read more

Facts about antimicrobial resistance

While the industry is already doing a good job, there is ongoing room for improvement

There have been volumes written on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in the last several years. And it is important to remember just how good the Canadian cattle industry is doing in managing AMR and look to future changes veterinarians may make in their recommendations. For those of you craving more detailed information, there have been several […] Read more

A herd of Black Angus Cattle

Taking aim at dart gun pros and cons

Effective yes, but they need to be used with the proper diagnosis and product

Remote drug delivery (RDD) devices are becoming more common in some modern cow-calf operations. The older-style capture guns used in the past were generally used by veterinarians to tranquilize and “capture” cattle needing further treatment. Tranquilized animals could then be loaded and transported if that was necessary or put in a smaller compound if further […] Read more

Talking about euthanasia

Cattle Management: The final call is ultimately up to the cow-calf producer

When cow-calf producers talk about the need to euthanize an animal, their first thoughts turn to those that are sick or injured and whether the animal is likely to recover. If it hasn’t responded to care and is suffering, then there is really no other option. This decision isn’t made lightly, as Dr. Melissa Moggy […] Read more

The challenge with Ontario calves

Calves from Ontario generally continue to miss the quality mark for larger feedlots in the province which continue to rely on cattle from Western Canada for the uniform lots of vaccinated cattle they need.“We need 200, 300, 400 head together because that’s our pen size,” says Steve Eby, who runs a feedlot near Kincardine. They […] Read more

Making dollars out of sense

Research on the Record with Reynold Bergen

Aside from price insurance (in provinces where it is available), cow-calf producers can’t do much to control the price they receive for their calves, so managing input costs is often the biggest opportunity to improve profitability. The Western Beef Development Centre has found that annual production costs differ by at least $100 per cow between […] Read more

Should you preg check your cows?

News Roundup from the May 2017 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Really, should you preg check? That’s a question almost everyone in the cow business faces every fall. The advice from governments and veterinarians is generally yes, you should find out if the cows you are going to carry through the winter will give you a calf at the end of it. So why did 50 […] Read more