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Alberta Cattle Feeders approve New Era agreement

Associations: News Roundup from the April 2018 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The Alberta Cattle Feeders’ Association will partner with Alberta Beef Producers (ABP) on a proposed new breakdown of the provincial producer check-off, with negotiations to continue throughout 2018. This proposal, known as the New Era Beef Industry (NEBI) agreement, was one of the main issues discussed at the ACFA’s recent annual general meeting held in […] Read more

She’s the boss now

Management: Andrea Stroeve-Sawa is the manager of Shipwheel Cattle Feeders

She can’t say she’s surprised when people walk over and ask if the boss is around. After all the feedlot sector is dominated by male operators, but Andrea Stroeve-Sawa couldn’t be prouder as the fourth generation to carry on the Shipwheel brand to say, “you’re talking to her.” She admits that it was a little […] Read more

Competitive cattle feeding agreements

… do the right things and do things right

People looking to place cattle with custom feeders are motivated to get the best deal on rates. That’s the nature of the business — they need to bank a return on their investment in the cattle to stay in business. It’s equally important for custom feeding and grazing operators to see a return on their […] Read more

Backed by a business plan

Former Alberta Agriculture risk management specialist Bruce Viney spoke with heart at the Western Canadian Feedlot Management School earlier this year telling about his own experiences in cattle feeding as he covered points from his new publication, Business Fundamentals for Better Feeding Agreements. He got his start as a cattle feeder when he leveraged scholarship […] Read more

Three stops at Ontario feedlots

Carl Frook’s biogas digester has had far-reaching effects on his business, while reducing his environmental footprint. Frook feeds cattle at his feedlot near Elmwood, Ont., for McCall Livestock, but the real interest for farmers visiting on a recent beef tour was his biogas digester, one of the only ones operating on a beef farm in […] Read more

cattle in a feedlot

Feedlots bounce back in the West

Cattle Feeding: News Roundup from the May 2017 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The feedlot sector in the West is growing again, according to the Canfax annual demographic survey of finishing feedlots in Alberta and Saskatchewan with a minimum one-time bunk capacity of 1,000 head. As of January 1, 2017, there were 158 feedlots of that size on the Canfax list, which translates to eight more finishing lots […] Read more

cattle in a feedlot

Locking down feedlot ammonia emissions

Sustainability: News Roundup from the May 2017 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Innovative research is reshaping what is known about ammonia and related emissions from feedlots. And that new knowledge may help the industry to adjust its management, shape and react to public policy more effectively. “Livestock are significant emission contributors,” says Dr. Sean McGinn of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, a long-time researcher in the emissions area. […] Read more

Fall feeder cattle outlook

Market Talk with Jerry Klassen, from the April 2017 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Feeder cattle prices have been percolating higher since November 2016 and I’ve received many inquiries regarding the price outlook for the fall of 2017. The U.S. cattle herd is moving through an aggressive expansionary phase while the Canadian cattle inventory has remained relatively stagnant. The year-over-year increase in feeder cattle numbers south of the border […] Read more

Grounds for a failed feedlot audit

Canadian feedlot animal care assessment — Part 7

Animal neglect generally brings to mind images of pets and farm animals lacking adequate feed, water and shelter. While these are serious acts of neglect, so too is trying too hard to keep failing animals alive. The Canadian Feedlot Animal Care Assessment Program places “failing to euthanize a distressed animal in a timely manner” at […] Read more

Cattle feeders’ woes continue

Prime Cuts with Steve Kay, from the November 2016 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Cattle feeding is always a risky business. But no one foresaw the collapse in U.S. live cattle prices for the second fall in a row. One can only hope that by the time you read this, prices have put in a bottom and are on the rebound, however modest. The same applies for Canadian prices. […] Read more