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Black Angus Cow

Tips to help cattle cope with summertime heat stress

If cows and calves aren't eating, overall performance and weight gains are down

I always feel sorry for beef cattle in an open field that cannot escape the hot summer sun. The other day I was driving a pasture with about 30 Black Angus cows and spring calves. Not a tree or waterer in sight. All the animals were crowded together, none were grazing and their calves were […] Read more

The potential of probiotics to promote greater livestock health

Unlike antibiotics – which kill bacteria – probiotics are live cultures of beneficial bacteria

Last year Health Canada changed its regulations on antibiotics to prevent them being used as growth promoters in livestock. Drug makers like Bayer, Merck, and Novartis had already begun the change, removing labels on their products that advertised them as suitable for non-medicinal purposes. Antibiotics are still available to Canadian ranchers and feedlot operators but […] Read more