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Chickens culled as Brazil truckers disrupt commodity exports

Sao Paulo | Reuters — Striking truckers in Brazil have disrupted supply and exports of farm produce from one of the world’s agricultural commodity powerhouses. Brazil is the top global exporter of soybeans, sugar, coffee and chickens. The strike over high fuel prices has paralyzed Latin America’s largest economy, emptied Brazilian roadways and left major […] Read more

Seven rules of behaviour for family farm teams

When the next generation comes home, Elaine Froese says families can set up some rules of engagement right away so everyone knows and can operate within that culture. When new people join the team, it can help to clarify expectations. “Culture is the invisible glue that holds the farm and the family together. It is[...]
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Deere recalls loader attachments over manual omission

Over 1,300 Deere front-end loader attachments sold in Canada are being recalled over what’s missing from their operator manuals. Deere and Co. and Health Canada on Thursday announced a recall for certain 120R John Deere loaders sold from May through September last year. “The ballasting information for the loader when attached to a John Deere[...]
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New drug targets pain from foot rot in cattle

Health: News Roundup from the May 2018 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

A new topical drug promising pain relief from a specific ailment affecting cattle is now available in Canada. Banamine transdermal, a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) produced by Merck Animal Health, was released at the end of January. This pour-on product, with flunixin meglumine as the active ingredient, is used to reduce fever related to bovine[…]
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Canadian Angus Association honours Munton family of Alberta

Purely Purebred with Mike Millar: News about you from the May 2018 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

You can buy CCIA-approved RFID tags for your Angus-influenced cattle from the Canadian Angus Association. The Canadian Green Angus Tag Program is the largest branded tag program in the world. The tags visually and electronically identify the cattle as containing a minimum 50 per cent Angus genetics. As a Canadian Angus tag user you are[…]
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Beef Watch: Canadian cattle herd remains steady, demand keeps prices firm

Prepared by the staff of Canfax and Canfax Research Services, divisions of the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association

The Canadian cattle herd continued to be steady, but reduced feeder exports in 2017 was supportive to domestic beef production. Strong demand, especially from the global market, kept beef and cattle prices firm despite increased production. While the cattle market continued to be strong at the beginning of 2018, larger on-feed inventories and increasing feed[…]
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