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Hypohippus, the Forest Horse, preferred the low-lying marshy land.

History: Hippus was Here, Part 2

Reprinted from the June 1953 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Hippus was Here, Part 2By Doreen Runciman ‘During the whole pre-historic time there were four main migrations of Hippus, in varying stages, from the western to the eastern hemisphere. Beginning in the days of Eohippus, they continued sporadically throughout the Tertiary Period until the final phase of the Pleistocene Epoch.’ Click here to read the […] Read more

Eohippus, the Dawn Age Horse.

History: Hippus was Here, Part 1

Reprinted from the May 1953 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Hippus was Here, Part 1By Doreen Runciman ‘In the legendary land deal known as the Founding of New Mexico, the bronco steed is mentioned along with the centipede as among the population, but back in the days when history was being written in layers of rock, there was perhaps more similarity between the horse and […] Read more

Chrystia Freeland takes part in a news conference at the Canadian embassy in Washington, D.C. on Aug. 31, 2018. (Photo: Reuters/Chris Wattie)

Farm transfer tax treatment bill now law, feds say

Government to add amendments against tax loopholes

Despite a previous statement from her ministry, Canada’s finance minister says a bill standardizing the tax treatment of farm transfers is now officially on the books. However, while Bill C-208 is now in federal tax law, further amendments are en route to plug legal loopholes the bill may have opened. Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland on […] Read more

A 3-D illustration of Bacillus anthracis bacteria. (Dr_Microbe/iStock/Getty Images)

Anthrax kills southeastern Saskatchewan sheep

Spores forced up by changes in soil moisture

Dramatic shifts in soil moisture are again bringing anthrax spores to the surface on the Prairies, this time in a southeastern Saskatchewan sheep pasture. Lab results on Wednesday confirmed anthrax as the cause of death of one animal in a flock of sheep in the R.M. of South Qu’Appelle, about 50 km east of Regina, […] Read more

Thomas G. Stewart. who spent 27 years as a fieldman in the employ of the Federal Live Stock Branch, came to Canada after serving in the South African war. One of his first jobs in Canada was as horseman for the Douglas Lake Cattle Company.

History: Early horse breeding at Douglas Lake

Reprinted from the May 1953 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Early horse breeding at Douglas LakeBy T.G. (Tom) Stewart As is generally understood, the Douglas Lake Ranch was started in the very early 1880s by Charlie Beak, who had a ranch in Oregon, and who when he heard that a railroad was coming through British Columbia, came up to get a foothold in the prospective […] Read more

The Blair’s agro centre at Lipton, Sask. (

Co-op, Blair’s joint venture to sell one crop input centre

Regulator sees overlap between Co-op, Blair's at Lipton

A new joint venture formed to run seven existing crop input retail centres in central and southeastern Saskatchewan will settle for six. The federal Competition Bureau on Wednesday announced an agreement with Federated Co-operatives (FCL) and the ag retail arm of the Saskatchewan-based Blair’s Family of Companies toward approval of their proposed joint venture. Blair’s […] Read more

This year’s drought conditions are increasing the blister beetle threat to cattle and other livestock.

High numbers of blister beetles in hay pose a danger for livestock

The amount of poison produced by the insects varies by species

This year’s dry weather is increasing the blister beetle threat to cattle and other livestock, North Dakota State University specialists say. “Blister beetles tend to be more numerous when grasshopper populations are high because the immature stage of blister beetles feeds on grasshopper eggs, and we have higher numbers of grasshoppers in drought years like […] Read more

History: Pulling Horses

Reprinted from the July 1953 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Pulling HorsesBy N. G. Stanford, Rosemary, Alta. ‘Whenever “pulling horses” are mentioned I recall with nostalgia my first experience with horses drawing heavy loads. First, because of the remorse I felt at the time, and second, because my father’s admonition to me was worthy of the wisdom of Confucius and may help many young people, […] Read more

The Walrond buildings and corrals at an early date.

History: Hidden in the Wagon Trail

Reprinted from the July 1953 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Hidden in the Wagon Trail (A brief biography of Mr. and Mrs. C. Vaile)By Irene E. McCaugherty ‘I met Mr. Charlie Vaile while attending a rodeo in Claresholm, Alberta. One could sense his interest and admiration for the cowboys but his main attention focussed on the horses. I’m sure many thoughts flashed through his mind […] Read more