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EU biodiesel sector balks at canola price tag

(Resource News International) — The current price tag attached to Canadian canola is curbing immediate and short-term demand from the European biodiesel sector, with major Canadian exporters not thought to have made any sales. The prospects for shipping Canadian canola to Europe were twice boosted over the winter by unrelated rulings from the European Union. […] Read more

CWB urging CWRS deliveries through May

(Resource News International) — A stronger-than-average Canadian wheat export program in April and May has prompted the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) to urge continued deliveries of No. 1 and 2 Canadian Western Red Spring (CWRS) wheat throughout May despite spring seeding. “We are looking to get grain in so that we can satisfy sales to […] Read more

Consumers still unsure about GM wheat

(Resource News International) — It has been five years since U.S. seed and chemical company Monsanto dropped its plans to introduce genetically modified (GM) wheat in the face of consumer opposition — and while some attitudes have shifted since then, by and large many people still aren’t certain they want GM wheat included in their […] Read more

Seed supplies seen meeting spring demand

(Resource News International) — So far this spring, there are limited concerns in Western Canada about seed shortages as the 2009-10 seeding season approaches. Both the Alberta and Saskatchewan seed associations said they were not aware of any seed shortages in their provinces. Only in Manitoba were there ideas about a few potential seed shortages, […] Read more

Pork exports seen slipping 10 per cent in 2009

(Resource News International) — Total Canadian pork product exports are expected to slip in 2009 due to production declines in the Canadian hog sector. “Because hog production will go down in 2009, the best we can think of is to maintain the same levels as last year but realistically we may have to expect a […] Read more

Middle East seen as growth market for forages

(Resource News International) — Water scarcity in Middle Eastern countries may open up good export opportunities for Canadian forage exporters in the coming years, industry sources believe. While the U.S. and Pacific Rim countries such as Japan and South Korea have traditionally been key destinations for Canadian forage shipments, Canadian companies are hoping to add […] Read more

Expert sees WTO deal, supply management co-existing

(Resource News International) — A agriculture trade deal at the World Trade Organization’s Doha round would not have to spell the end of Canada’s supply management system, according to a former senior trade official. Contrary to what’s often said, the decades-old system that protects Canada’s dairy, egg and poultry industries through tariffs, supply quotas and […] Read more

Beef, veal exports seen climbing in 2009

(Resource News International) — Canadian beef and veal exports are forecast to rise above 400,000 tonnes in 2009, with increased sales expected to Canada’s three largest destinations, according to the Canadian Beef Export Federation’s (CBEF) biannual Environmental Scan released March 11. Canadian beef and veal exports this year are forecast to total 429,400 tonnes, worth […] Read more

N.D. flooding may leave over 1M acres unseeded

(Resource News International) — Flooding in the Red River Valley this spring could cause at least one million acres of North Dakota farm land to go unplanted, according to a U.S. Farm Service Agency official. “I have to believe that the way we were set up last fall with all of the wet acres and […] Read more

New Man. beef plant eager to export

(Resource News International) — Keystone Processors’ ribbon-cutting — or in this case, beef tenderloin-cutting ceremony — just took place Tuesday, but the new Winnipeg beef processing company is already thinking ahead to its next step: the export market. Keystone is currently only licenced to sell product within Manitoba but the mainly producer-owned company hopes to […] Read more