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Getting a global perspective on our beef industry

Young Manitoba cattle producer brings international experiences back to the farm

When Manitoba cattle producer Wilco van Meijl stepped off the plane in Paraguay to attend the International Beef Alliance (IBA) conference in October, he did so with an open mind, a desire to meet new people and to learn more about global beef production. He certainly achieved his goals and a lot more. “What was […] Read more

Cattle company finding its own way

They’re risk takers who hate to lose and aren’t afraid to trust their own instincts, which is why, on the road to diversification, the Blairs have drawn their own map

Kevin Blair has never forgotten what his grandfather told him many years ago: “When everyone else is on the highway, take the grid.” It’s a message he’s made most of his life decisions by, and in the course of it, Blair Ag has learned how to tackle many of the issues that are moving to […] Read more

A strategy for regenerative agriculture

Ryan Boyd believes he has the right strategy to get him off the expansion treadmill

About 10 years ago, Ryan Boyd came to his father Jim with some new ideas, and Jim knew it was time to listen. Ryan talked about a new strategy, adopting regenerative and sustainable approaches in order to enhance their productivity. “Dad was more than willing to try something else,” Ryan says. “He’d always believed the […] Read more

The advantages of Calving at Pasture

Most cattle producers cite reduced labour and input costs, milder weather, fewer birth problems and better calf health as the main reasons for choosing to calve at pasture in the spring. Karmen and Jason McNabb calve 400 Hereford/Red Angus-cross cows beginning the third week of April on a 60-acre native pasture in the Cypress Hills of Saskatchewan. The McNabbs […] Read more

Calving With A New Addition To The Family

One of his earliest experiences with calving was watching his mom and dad working to save a calf that was being delivered backwards on their farm close to Manitou, Man. “It didn’t bother him at all. He just sat there and he knew Mom and Dad were OK and that was fine,” says John’s mom, […] Read more

Saving Costs By Imitating Nature

“ We have tried to basically go back to nature and the way that the wildlife reproduces,” says owner, Ken Yakielashek. “They always reproduce towards the longest days of the year.” As a result he has switched from bringing the cows into the barn to calve in February and March, to leaving them out all […] Read more

Keeping Methane In Check

Manitoba Agriculture Food and Rural Initiatives recently announced $1 million in funding for research into reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). Cattle are the main source of methane emissions in Canada, says Dr. Karin Wittenberg, associate dean of research in the agriculture faculty at the University of Manitoba. Canada’s livestock production systems contribute about 58 per […] Read more