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Facilities for Ontario beef cattle

Facilities for Ontario beef cattle

News Roundup from the June 2015 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

The phone rings and the question is, “I want to build a new barn for my beef cows, are there any new designs? The Canada Plan Service plans date back 30+ years.” The observation that beef barn design has not changed much is somewhat true. There are new fabric barns, and new flooring discussions, but […] Read more

Cows grazing winter corn stalks

Grazing corn in northwest Ontario

The benefits to cows grazing on standing corn

Bruce and Valve Forrest are constantly innovating on their beef farming operation. They have been direct marketing local beef years before local beef became a fad. They have bypassed owning a bull, using artificial insemination to get their cows pregnant, plus introduce top genetics into their herd. Recently, another focus has been reducing feed costs. […] Read more