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Calf Planting

Cows are on high alert after calving, so this planting behavior impacts how and when groups of cattle can be moved or at least easily moved.

NDSU Extension Service – As the Dickinson Research Extension Center winds up May calving, the year has been good. May calving involves pastures, grass and space. Because feed is not delivered in a bunk, the cow decides where she wants to be in the pasture and sets in motion a series of thoughts that anchor […] Read more

Spring reflections and calf deaths

Take a serious look at the reasons why each calf died and what could be done next time to save it

NDSU Extension Service – The next week will be busy at the Dickinson Research Extension Center. The cows have been turned out on cool-season grass and the yearlings need to be worked. The yearling steers are vaccinated and have been turned out for summer grazing or sent to the feedlot. The center typically sends half […] Read more