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Wittal: No news is bad news in grains

Jan. 15 –– Outside markets were all lower today with gold, crude oil and financial indicators all taking some rather hard hits to finish off the week. This, along with continued speculative selling pressure, pushed grains lower on the day and the week The U.S. dollar index climbed 44-100ths of a cent today. Gold closed […] Read more

Wittal: USDA reports bulldoze markets

Jan. 12 –– All outside markets are down today, most likely in response to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s reports and the hard sell-off in U.S. grain futures.  The U.S. dollar index fell nine-100ths of a cent today, while gold closed down $21.80 at $1,128.90. The Canadian dollar dropped 0.44 cents to close at US96.36 […] Read more

Wittal: Expect canola pressure from U.S. meal dispute

Jan. 6 — Outside markets were stronger today, with gold showing double-digit gains and crude oil closing above resent resistance levels, which encouraged speculative finds to continue buying and pushing values higher. A lower U.S. dollar helped support wheat and corn markets, while beans continue to come under pressure from continued reports of better-than-expected crop […] Read more