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Canola Watch for this week

The Canola Council of Canada has issued its weekly Canola Watch newsletter. This week’s topics: • Top 10 things to consider when scouting for insects • Insect update • What Swede midge damage looks like • Scouting now for disease • Try the new Spray-to-Swath tool • Coming events

Canola Council: Spray window closing

Rain has set back weed spraying. Early canola crops are near the end of their spray windows, even though some fields have not received a first pass and some fields got a first pass but need a second. Label application windows: Glyphosate: Anytime up to and including the 6-leaf stage of canola.Liberty: Cotyledon stage up to the […] Read more

Prairie canola variety data now available

Comparative data on canola seed varieties is now available to growers from the new Canola Performance Trials (CPT) 2011. The CPT 2011 represents the next generation in variety evaluation for Western Canadian canola growers, providing science-based, unbiased and timely performance data that reflects actual production practices, as well as comparative data on leading varieties and […] Read more

Watch for heated canola: CCC

Canola is heating up. That’s good news if we’re talking prices. But it’s bad news for canola in the bin. “We’re getting regular reports this month from growers who have lost whole bins to heating. Some have lost multiple bins,” says Jim Bessel, Canola Council of Canada senior agronomy specialist in Saskatchewan. “Periods of warm […] Read more

Frost changes canola harvesting plans

Swath canola hit by heavy frost. Canola that was still fairly green when heavy frost hit over the past week will desiccate quickly. Pods can start dropping or shattering within days. Pods dry out prematurely, then shatter or break off at the pedicel. In areas hit by successive heavy frosts, growers planning to straight combine […] Read more

Decisions remain for sclerotinia-damaged canola

Sclerotinia stem rot infestations are high in many canola-growing areas the summer, and the disease will continue to advance even after the crop is swathed. “Sclerotinia is showing up like gangbusters” in northeastern Alberta, according to Doug Moisey, the Canola Council of Canada’s senior agronomy specialist for the region. Alternaria has also been reported, said […] Read more

Don’t rush to reseed frosted canola acres: CCC

Warm temperatures continue to be elusive for canola growers across much of the Prairies, as many areas continue to experience below-average daytime and nighttime temperatures. In Manitoba alone, the Canola Council of Canada reports, growing degree days (GDD) to date range between 40 to 60 per cent of normal and as a result, emergence, growth […] Read more

Steer clear of deregistered canolas: CCC

Growers must keep deregistered canola varieties out of fields this spring, according to crop production program manager Arvel Lawson of the Canola Council of Canada (CCC). “Canada’s bulk handling system for canola means that all growers play a role in keeping canola export ready,” Lawson said in a council release Thursday. “Each and every load […] Read more

Hit weeds hardest in post-harvest window: CCC

Post-harvest spraying is a great opportunity to control perennial weeds and winter annuals. Effective control this fall, while the weather co-operates on much of the Prairies, will prevent these weeds from robbing fields of moisture and nutrients early next spring, according to the Canola Council of Canada. “With high input costs, making sure nutrients are […] Read more