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Store high-oil canola cool, dry: CCC

While it’s always important to condition harvested canola crops down to storage-safe temperature and moisture levels in the fall, it’s even more critical in years such as this when the crop’s oil content is expected to be quite high, according to the Canola Council of Canada. “We have all heard that oil and water don’t […] Read more

Canola growers should wait for “average” colour

Many canola growers will face crops at two or more stages of development when it comes time to swath this year. The most profitable approach is to hold off swathing until sufficient average seed colour change has taken place, said David Vanthuyne, an agronomy specialist with the Canola Council of Canada at Watrous, Sask. But […] Read more

Wait before reseeding frostbitten canola: CCC

Canola growers in several areas of the Prairies who woke up to frost-damaged crops this morning should wait at least four days to assess damage before taking drastic action. The Canola Council of Canada on Tuesday advised canola growers to wait a minimum of four days, because plant recovery depends on frost severity and subsequent […] Read more

Hybrid canolas need fertilizer, price aside: CCC

Canola growers who cut their fertilizer rates with the high price of crop nutrients in mind may end up cutting their profits, the Canola Council of Canada warns. With spring fertilizer prices at or close to record highs for most products, growers may be tempted to reduce fertilizer rates on their canola for this coming […] Read more