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Using an invasive weed to help fill the feed gap

When feed is in short supply, producers may want to harvest kochia.

For Prairie cattle producers looking for alternative feed sources this year, one possibility may be kochia. Kochia is an invasive weed, often seen growing on marginal land or tumbling across the Prairies. It’s a prolific seed producer, growing in saline soil and in arid or semi-arid conditions. A recent news release from Agriculture and Agri-Food […] Read more

News Roundup

From the July 2014 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Identification Ninety-eight per cent retention of ID tags on calves and yearlings You can realistically expect more than 98 per cent of your approved radio frequency identification tags to remain on your calves or yearlings when you ship them, no matter your production system, geography or the weather, assuming they were properly attached. That’s the […] Read more