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Panel raps lack of action to curb drug use in U.S. livestock

U.S. regulators and livestock producers have failed to curb the use of antibiotics in livestock despite concerns that excessive use in meat production will reduce the drugs’ effectiveness in humans, said a panel of experts. “Meaningful change is unlikely in the future,” concluded the 14-member panel, assembled by Johns Hopkins University, in a report released […] Read more

U.S. cancels October crop report, first miss in decades

The U.S. government on Thursday canceled its monthly crop report for the first time ever, and said it will not estimate U.S. or world crop production until early November. Cancellation of the October report means the first harvest-time estimate of U.S. crops will be Nov. 8. The production report and companion data on crops worldwide […] Read more

USDA will mostly ‘go dark’ in case of federal shutdown

The U.S. Department of Agriculture will shut off its gusher of statistical reports in the event of a federal government shutdown, leaving traders and food producers in the dark about most activities in the world’s largest farm exporter. But inspections of meat are considered among essential services that will continue even if most workers are […] Read more

U.S. sugar surplus headed for the gas tank

Faced with a huge sugar surplus, the U.S. government published a rule on Friday that allows it to sell excess amounts at a loss to ethanol companies for making biofuels for cars and trucks. The Agriculture Department said the “sugar-for-ethanol” program, authorized by a 2008 law, would be “if needed … an additional tool to […] Read more