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Bezte: Frost Watch for Sept. 14

Sept. 14 — With a strong ridge of warm high pressure holding fast over pretty much all three Prairie provinces, the chances of seeing any frost over the next five to seven days is very small. Northern and extreme eastern regions of Manitoba have a very small chance of seeing some light frost late this […] Read more

Bezte: Frost Watch for Sept. 9

Sept. 9 — There is a chance for light scattered frost across portions of central and northern Alberta along with northern Saskatchewan each night between Wednesday and Friday of this week, as high pressure settles over this region. After this it looks like temperatures will warm up for much of next week as a large […] Read more

Bezte: Frost Watch for Sept. 2

Sept. 2 –– With a summery weather pattern currently stalled out over much of the Prairies, the chance of seeing any frost over the remainder of this week and into the long weekend is extremely remote. The next slight chance for frost will be in Alberta around the middle of next week as cooler air […] Read more

Bezte: Frost Watch for Aug. 28

Aug. 28 — A ridge of high pressure is forecast to build across the Prairie provinces over the next five days. This should bring fairly mild temperatures that should prevent any chances of seeing frost. A strong area of low pressure is forecast to develop late next week and push across the Prairies over the […] Read more

Bezte: Frost Watch for Aug. 20

NEW FEATURE: In many areas of the Prairies, the story is the same. It could be a great crop — if it doesn’t freeze, which it’s already done in some parts of Alberta. No one can prevent frost, but a heads-up might be useful. Daniel Bezte is a climatologist and regular columnist for the Manitoba […] Read more