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Jim Lintott, grass-fed cattle producer.

Strong demand for direct-marketed, grass-fed beef

Successful forage-finished beef entrepreneurs share marketing strategies at Ag Days

It takes longer and costs more to produce grass-finished beef, but Jim Lintott’s customers are willing to pay the asking price. The key is quality, which he describes as job No. 1. “I’ve almost never had a consumer tell me, Jim, your rib-eye steak at $17.99 a pound — twice what it’s worth at Safeway […] Read more

Jim Lintott

Patience pays with grass-finished beef

Retail-level profits for 30-month-old beef more than double that of 18-month-old beef

In the grass-finished beef business, keeping a yearling an extra year is worth the wait. In fact, one could hardly afford to do otherwise, because those extra 12 months can mean the difference between profit and loss, Jim Lintott told a presentation on grass-fed beef production at Manitoba Ag Days. Lintott, a grass-finisher and marketer […] Read more

RCMP investigate reported hayjacking

Someone is evidently in possession of a few loads of “hot” hay — and if it isn’t located soon, the goods are likely to be laundered by munching cows. RCMP at Brandon, Man. are investigating the reported theft of 60 round hay bales that have gone missing from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Brandon Research Centre. […] Read more

BIXS reboot expected to ease access to carcass data

Ranchers who don’t double as computer geeks may be pleased to hear that the Beef InfoXchange System (BIXS) is due for an update aimed at smoothing out its rough edges. Larry Thomas, the national co-ordinator for the program supported by the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA), said that after almost two years in operation, the online […] Read more

Nationwide co-op to buy lambs this fall

The Canadian Lamb Producers Co-operative is ready to launch. Notices have been sent out to lamb producers, who have until Aug. 6 to sign a 36-month production agreement committing them to sell a minimum of 25 lambs each year, buy a $500 share, and pay a one-time $35 per head fee for each lamb they […] Read more

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s 2013 Prairie grasshopper forecast. (AAFC)

Grasshopper today’s top pest issue in Manitoba

Weird weather appears to putting the lie to the age-old assertion that on the Prairies, you get either grasshoppers or mosquitoes, but never both. In scattered pockets around the province, young hoppers are boiling underneath the grass canopy even as hordes of mosquitoes hover above creating misery for man, bird and beast. “Currently, the biggest […] Read more

Weather impact info now on the AIR

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) has created a new application Canadians can access over the Internet to report on how weather and climate conditions affect their farm operations. “It allows a producer to provide their story to us,” said Trevor Hadwen, an AAFC agroclimate specialist based in Regina. The Agroclimate Impact Reporter (AIR) is an […] Read more

Newborn piglets under four weeks of age are considered to be at the greatest risk from the PED virus. (Laura Rance photo)

Hog sector aims to head off PED at pass

Keeping a newly emerging swine disease out of Canada will require a team effort, according to the Manitoba Pork Council’s point man on the issue. That means truckers, gathering yards and farmers need to work together to make sure porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED), a virus spread by fecal matter, isn’t given a free ride into […] Read more

Winter wheat hit hard in southwestern Man.

One of the first casualties of this spring’s unusually cold weather appears to be the winter wheat crop in Manitoba’s southwest. The recently-released crop report, compiled by Manitoba Agriculture, Food and Rural Iniatives staff across the province, says winter wheat however continues to struggle, with poor winter survival being reported across much of the southwest […] Read more