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Proper custom feeding agreements protect both the client and the feeder, says risk management specialist Bruce Viney.

Competitive cattle feeding agreements

… do the right things and do things right

People looking to place cattle with custom feeders are motivated to get the best deal on rates. That’s the nature of the business — they need to bank a return on their investment in the cattle to stay in business. It’s equally important for custom feeding and grazing operators to see a return on their […] Read more

Backed by a business plan

Former Alberta Agriculture risk management specialist Bruce Viney spoke with heart at the Western Canadian Feedlot Management School earlier this year telling about his own experiences in cattle feeding as he covered points from his new publication, Business Fundamentals for Better Feeding Agreements. He got his start as a cattle feeder when he leveraged scholarship […] Read more

Finally, a shirt-pocket tag reader that talks to your smartphone

Identification: "Herdly" iPhone app aims to be available for the 2018 calving season

A smartphone tag reader and app that the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association has had bubbling on the back burner for several years is being field-tested and could become commercially available next year. Mark Klassen, the CCA technical director, says CCA has partnered with software developer Cannon Smith of Synergy Farm Solutions, Hill Spring, Alta., to take […] Read more

Al Madley checks in with SPOT several times a day from remote pastures.

A safe SPOT for remote locations

Satellite messenger system sends an “I’m ok” message to designated contacts for regular safety checks

Canadian farmers are big users of smartphones, more than the general population, according to a 2015 Ipsos Canada study. That should be no surprise. Aside from the regular uses for an array of ag-related apps, smartphones also provide a lifeline for many rural residents facing emergency situations. But what of those who have no cellular […] Read more

Harold Unrau looks in on his brother’s feedlot where Boviglo is given on arrival and in the ration for the first 90 days on feed.

The Boviglo boost

The immunity-building supplement contains prebio­tics and probiotics, vitamins, minerals and plant enzymes

The results of a backgrounding and finishing trial at Lethbridge Research Centre appear to reflect what producers who supplement their cattle with Boviglo have been seeing over the past year or two. Harold Unrau of HU Livestock at Grunthal, Man., took on the Western Canada distributorship of Boviglo and Eberglo because Boviglo is the first […] Read more

Boviglo shows positive results in feeding trial

A nine-month feeding trial at Lethbridge Research Centre shows that average daily gain (ADG) during the 110-day backgrounding period for steers that received Boviglo was 1.11 kilograms per day (kg/d). This was a bit better than that for the control group and a little less but not statistically different from the group that received an […] Read more

Stress is the enemy with ‘natural’ calves

Natural beef programs limit the use of antibiotics

Limiting the use of growth promotants for raising calves is easy. Just stop using them, accept that you will lose efficiencies, and concentrate on capturing every other advantage. Limiting the use of antibiotics is another story. David Saretsky, who raises cattle and runs a cattle marketing company, Cantriex Livestock, with his family near Ponoka, Alta., […] Read more

The search continues for TB and JD vaccines

Animal Health: Treatment for the elusive diseases grows closer

We could be lucky and find our vaccine candidates for bovine tuberculosis and Johne’s disease within a month, or it could take a year and a half. We hope within a two-year window we will have candidates ready to test out in the field.” These encouraging words come from Dr. Andrew Potter, CEO at the […] Read more

Malignant catarrhal fever — learn about it; guard against it

Animal Health: Most sheep in North America are assumed to be carriers

“It took her piece by piece. Without a doubt it is the most devastating (cattle) disease we have ever dealt with,” says a member of a farm family who finally had to euthanize a valuable young purebred cow after two months of intensive therapy and investigation. Laboratory tests confirmed malignant catarrhal fever (MCF). The only […] Read more