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Deb’s Outlook – for Sep. 12, 2011

Fed Outlook Fundamentally the fed cattle supply ahead in Canada is supportive to the fall market but U.S. supplies will pick up toward the end of the year. Beef consumption increases as the weather cools and families adapt to school schedules right up to the Christmas holidays. A premium board, weakness in the Canadian dollar, […] Read more

The Markets – for Aug. 15, 2011

FED CATTLE The volatility in fed cattle pricing this summer was due largely to non-cattle factors. But in recent weeks smaller Canadian showlists, strong futures and firm demand here and in the U.S. pushed prices higher. By mid-July fed cattle hit a historically high $103.97 per cwt in Alberta, up more than $16 from the […] Read more

The Markets – for May. 16, 2011

Fed cattle In the past month fed cattle prices reached the highest level since 2003 in response to extremely high live cattle futures, tight front-end supplies and good demand for beef heading into barbeque season. Alberta fed steers averaged $115.56 at the start of April, up $22.85 from last April and 19 per cent from […] Read more

THE MARKETS – for Sep. 6, 2010

Fed Cattle A slightly weaker Canadian dollar and strength in cut-out values in recent weeks has created opportunity for a rise in fed steer prices. At mid-August the Alberta fed steer price was $89.14 per cwt, up $8.34 from the same date a year ago. The strong August market resulted from current feedlots holding leverage […] Read more

THE MARKETS – for May. 3, 2010

MARKET SUMMARY Fed Cattle Fed cattle prices have risen 21 per cent since the start of 2010. In the past four weeks prices jumped $11 per cwt to average $95.75, finally pushing into a profitable level. This recent rally is the result of seasonally higher cutout values, a rising U. S. cash market and strength […] Read more

Debbie McMillin – for Apr. 5, 2010

Fed Cattle Fed cattle prices increased over the past six weeks despite the dollar. A stronger basis reflected increased export demand supported by a weather market in the U. S. Alberta fed steers moved from $76.62 to $84.70 per cwt at mid-March as the basis narrowed to 8.03 under the U. S. compared to -15.17 […] Read more

MARKET SUMMARY – for Mar. 8, 2010

Fed Cattle Over the past few weeks the Canadian fed cattle market responded positively to the slide in the Canadian dollar and bad weather south of the border. Locally, heavy carcass weights delayed packer lift times and beef movement grew sluggish, but those winter storms in the U. S. gave life to the cash market. […] Read more

MARKET SUMMARY – for Feb. 8, 2010

DEB’S OUTLOOK FED CATTLE Early yearling placements last summer ensured ample market-ready cattle at the start of 2010. But supplies were expected to tighten by the end of the first quarter and into the second right when consumers start dusting off their grills. Let’s hope the recovery has been enough to be reflected in their […] Read more

MARKET SUMMARY – for Jan. 4, 2010

DEB’S OUTLOOK FED CATTLE In the near term, supplies will remain sufficient in North America. The market remained sluggish at the end of 2009 as packing plants were long on inventory and heading into holiday kills. Looking into the first quarter of 2010, a large number of early-placed yearlings that put on gain during a […] Read more

THE MARKETS – for Dec. 7, 2009

MARKET SUMMARY FED CATTLE By mid-November Alberta fed cattle averaged a dismal $77.75 per cwt, down more than $17 from the same week in 2008. Consumers made nervous by the troubled economy continue to spend cautiously, seeking out products such as grind and trim cuts that will stretch their dollar a bit further. Most of […] Read more