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The Markets Market Summary

Fed Cattle Fed cattle prices rose 12 per cent from January to average $108.95 by mid-March on tight supplies of market-ready cattle, a strong futures market and a rally in Choice cutout values. Fed cattle prices at the current levels have not been seen since 2001-03 when the Canadian dollar was trading at 62 to […] Read more

The Markets – for Mar. 14, 2011

MARKET SUMMARY Fed Cattle Strong futures, tight supplies and good feedlot leverage have created a strong fed cattle market so far in 2011. Week over week increases drove Alberta steers up by $9.71 to $106.80 in the first six weeks of the year. That’s $27.63 per cwt better than last year and $19.93 over two […] Read more

THE MARKETS – for Feb. 14, 2011

MARKET SUMMARY FED PRICES The new year saw a contra-seasonal move in fed cattle prices at a time when the market typically struggles to keep up as post-Christmas expenses are realized and consumer spending slows pulling down meat sales. In spite of a strong Canadian dollar, fed cattle prices have climbed nearly $3 from the […] Read more

The Markets – for Jan. 10, 2011

FED CATTLE Fed cattle prices held up well in the fall of 2010 and performed better than expected given concerns over rising feed costs in the U.S. Alberta fed steers posted a new annual high averaging $98.04 per cwt in the first week of December, surpassing the spring high of $95.75. However pressure was noted […] Read more

The Markets – for Dec. 6, 2010

FED CATTLE This fall’s strong fed cattle market slipped a bit in the first two weeks of November with prices losing $2.50 per cwt to an average $93.34. Basis levels remained tight at -4.40 per cwt. While seasonal trends suggest it should shrink even further toward the end of the year it is already much […] Read more

THE MARKETS – for Nov. 8, 2010

MARKET SUMMARY Fed Cattle During this typically sluggish time of year when large front end-supplies normally pressure prices, sellers have been able to pull steady to higher prices for fed cattle in recent weeks. After dipping into the upper ’80s in September Alberta fed steers popped back up to $91.13 by mid-October, $13.30/cwt better than […] Read more

Debbie McMillin – for Oct. 4, 2010

Fed Cattle Recent strength in the Canadian dollar, weaker futures, increased inventories and slower beef movement have all put pressure on the fed cattle market in the past few weeks. By the second week of September Alberta fed steers were back down to $89.38 after touching $91.39 at the start of the month. The fed […] Read more

THE MARKETS – for Sep. 6, 2010

Fed Cattle A slightly weaker Canadian dollar and strength in cut-out values in recent weeks has created opportunity for a rise in fed steer prices. At mid-August the Alberta fed steer price was $89.14 per cwt, up $8.34 from the same date a year ago. The strong August market resulted from current feedlots holding leverage […] Read more

THE MARKETS – for May. 3, 2010

MARKET SUMMARY Fed Cattle Fed cattle prices have risen 21 per cent since the start of 2010. In the past four weeks prices jumped $11 per cwt to average $95.75, finally pushing into a profitable level. This recent rally is the result of seasonally higher cutout values, a rising U. S. cash market and strength […] Read more

Debbie McMillin – for Apr. 5, 2010

Fed Cattle Fed cattle prices increased over the past six weeks despite the dollar. A stronger basis reflected increased export demand supported by a weather market in the U. S. Alberta fed steers moved from $76.62 to $84.70 per cwt at mid-March as the basis narrowed to 8.03 under the U. S. compared to -15.17 […] Read more