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Seeking Genes For Robustness

In the not-too-distant future, beef producers may be able to add reduced disease susceptibility, also described as robustness, to the list of beef animal traits when making breeding and management decisions. A study involving the universities of Alberta and Calgary and GrowSafe Systems of Airdrie is moving along nicely into the second year of a […] Read more

The Consolidated Sell Holds Its Own

It has been five years since a group of 13 feeders from Alberta and Saskatchewan broke the Canadian mold for selling finished cattle to the packers by forming Northwest Consolidated Beef Producers (NWCBP), based in Strathmore, Alta. Since then it has grown to 143 members across the Prairies and in 2010 marketed 112,000finished cattle along […] Read more

Rutledge Recognized

For a kid whose grade school teacher advised his parents that nothing short of capital punishment was in order to cure his disinterest in learning arithmetic, earning a place in the Livestock Markets Association of Canada’s (LMAC) Hall of Fame could be considered a remarkable accomplishment. Fortunately for the cattle industry, the teacher had made […] Read more

Cattlemen’s Young Leaders – for Jun. 13, 2011

“Leadership is about one’s ability to inspire others,” says Cattlemen’s Young Leaders (CYL) graduate, Samantha Sperber. “All young people are more interested in and excel at some things more than others in life. The CYL program helps us focus on our own areas of interest and find ways to inspire others.” Sperber is definite about […] Read more

Producer Profile

Helen Finucane made a life-altering decision to take over management of the family farm after her father’s passing late in 2003. John Brown Farms — a mixed grain and beef operation near Carlyle, Sask., — now bears his name. Her decision to carry on with the farm settled by her grandparents in 1925 wasn’t made […] Read more

The Battle Of The Distillers Grains

Of the 1.7 million litres of ethanol fermented in Canadian plants in 2009, 67 per cent came from corn and the rest from wheat or a corn-wheat blend. At this level the plants generate about 450,000 tonnes of wheat and wheat-corn DDGS (dried distillers grains with solubles) and about 900,000 tonnes of corn DDGS. On […] Read more

Hereford Breeders Look To The Next 150 Years

Andy and Margaret Schuepbach of Lilybrook Herefords run anywhere from 500 to 700 purebred Horned Herefords on their ranch east of Claresholm, Alta. As such they have a shared history with Fredrick W. Stone of Guelph, Ont., who imported the first Herefords from Britain in 1860. Stone’s experiment worked so well that others started to […] Read more

What’s the value to me?” That’s the first question producers ask of any new product or service and, as such, it became the founding principle of Cow/Calf Health Management Services (CCHMS), owned and operated by Dr. Troy Drake from his clinic on the farm near Kathyrn, Alta. CCHMS is a unique package of herd health […] Read more

One Stop For Livestock

Henry and Wendi McCarthy of Wawota, Sask., strive to deliver the best product possible. The difficulty has been getting the best returns possible for their value-added calves. That led them to put their own experiences in the beef industry and the real estate market together with a few other people to organized a new company […] Read more

Where Beef Comes From

Did you know that a cow may spend up to eight hours every day chewing her cud for as many as 30,000 chews a day? Or, that all of the nutrients that the calf worked so hard to digest make the meat full of ZIP — zinc, iron and protein? If you are involved with […] Read more