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Drought management for pastures: Q & A

Tips on getting past a drought and when you should consider destocking

Q. We have just experienced the driest May on record. The growth on my pastures is pretty dismal. I am under a lot of pressure and stress. Can H M help me? A. Yes, definitely. H M is a decision-making process. Good decision-making is always important. In difficult times it is critical. Thank you so […] Read more

Planned grazing for livestock

Planned grazing describes the process we use to plan our grazing in holistic management. Planned grazing was developed by Allan Savory. It is based on two key points. The first is that overgrazing is due to time not the number of animals. It is vital that we understand this point if we want to have […] Read more

Holistic Ranching annual conference

About 150 people attended our annual HR conference at Manitou Beach near Watrous, Sask. David Irvine’s keynote address gave us two tasks for an integrated, successful life, individuation (growing up) and connection (having relationships). He says an integrated family business has four main points: People have their own goals and support each other in achieving […] Read more

Planning ahead in the cattle business

I am writing this article in mid-October. At this time all indications are that cattle prices will remain strong through the fall run. I sincerely hope this occurs. By the end of the year everyone will have had the opportunity to benefit from the stronger prices. This is the first step to rebuilding confidence in […] Read more

The danger in strong cattle prices

Plan for a profit, but always keep a watchful eye on your cost of production

It may sound odd to suggest that there is a hidden danger in strong cattle prices. Perhaps there is a danger precisely because most producers don’t recognize that there is such a thing. I believe that there is a hidden danger. As responsible producers we need to recognize the danger and take steps to avoid […] Read more

Exiting the beef industry

I’ve written a couple of articles about benefiting from the current strong cattle prices. This month I want to target a group of producers from age 60 to 90. There are a lot of cows owned by producers in that age group. I happen to be one of them. With today’s strong market this might […] Read more