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Air quality and health

Medical doctors from regional health authorities in some agricultural regions have been raising concerns about odor and human health. They suggest that odor and dust from confined feeding operations (CFO) are responsible for increases in respiratory disease, including asthma and allergies, in communities that reside near these feeding operations. In fact, some local doctors have […] Read more

Cryptosporidiosis and giardiasis

Cryptosporidium and giardia are two protozoal parasites found in the intestinal tract of domestic and wild animals and humans. These protozoa are of concern to cattle producers because they can cause disease and lower production in cattle. Recently, these two parasites have also received a lot of media attention because they can cause gastrointestinal disease […] Read more

Dart guns may do more harm than good

Occasionally cattle get sick on pasture and we have to treat them. They may have pinkeye, foot rot, pneumonia or some other ailment that requires individual treatment. Since the cattle are out on grass, and handling facilities are usually not close by, there are only a few options for treatment. If the disease is a […] Read more