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Behind Maple Leaf Foods’ bold call to become carbon neutral

Maple Leaf Foods wants to be carbon neutral for one reason. Its emphasis is no longer about supply-side economics but rather about listening to and serving a market in desperate need of attention

Maple Leaf Foods is not just pretending to be environmentally friendly, it is trying to be a trailblazer in the wild kingdom of proteins. The company has just adopted science-based targets that will help it become the first major agrifood company in the world to be carbon neutral. Clearly motivated by the carbon tax and […] Read more

Be cautious about writing blank cheques for supply managed commodities

To blindly compensate supply managed sectors in ratifying the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) makes as much sense as bailing out Bombardier through federal support. Stephen Harper’s defunct Conservative government pledged last fall to pay out $4.3B over 15 years to the supply-managed dairy, chicken and egg sectors. That amount is allegedly based on the premise that […] Read more