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Unpredictable lentil crops could unsettle market

CNS Canada — Lentil producers have been stuck on a roller coaster this season, and the ride isn’t slowing down going into harvest. “It’s been a very hard year to predict because we have record amounts of acres planted, an incredible start to the season, and then of course the well-publicized weather problems leading to […] Read more

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CBOT weekly outlook: Soybeans watch U.S. export sales

CNS Canada — Corn futures at the Chicago Board of Trade recorded losses during the week ended Wednesday, while soybean futures added gains for the September contract but recorded losses for the November contract. “Everything’s coming off this week, (prices are) coming down… there’s no real major issues going on,” said Terry Reilly, senior commodity […] Read more

Canary seed carryout most likely underestimated

CNS Canada — Canary seed could be looking at a carryout 10 times the size at which Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada had pegged it, according to one processor. Ending stocks for the recently finished 2015-16 crop year are currently estimated at only 5,000 tonnes, according to the latest AAFC Outlook for Principal Field Crops report. […] Read more

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Manitoba sunflowers take beating from storms

CNS Canada –– Manitoba crops have suffered an array of problems due to unfavourable weather this year, and sunflowers are no exception. “(Sunflower) crops would be looking really good if it wasn’t for the storms that have been rolling through Manitoba over the last few weeks,” said Troy Turner, agronomist with the National Sunflower Association […] Read more

Durum wheat. (

More durum may come to those who wait

CNS Canada –– Cool, wet weather may have slowed crop development and delayed harvest, but durum is determined to be worth the wait with above-average yields. “We’re looking at some fairly high yields given the early estimates… average yields should come in at 47.5 to 48 bushels per acre this year,” said Jerry Klassen, manager […] Read more

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Oats face numerous pre-harvest question marks

CNS Canada — Oat producers are playing the waiting game when it comes to one of the most important things for oat crops: quality. “There’s always a concern about quality and you never know where that is going to be until harvest,” said Art Enns, president of the Prairie Oat Growers Association at Morris in […] Read more

Canary seed growers expecting above-average yields

CNS Canada –– Where other crops are taking a beating, canary seed is reportedly thriving, with early, above-average yields expected. “Canary seed handles excess moisture better than a lot of other crops,” said Kevin Hursh, executive director of the Canaryseed Development Commission of Saskatchewan. “Its yield prospects and production prospects are probably a lot brighter […] Read more


Ontario farmers ready for Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soy

CNS Canada — Soybean producers in Ontario are eager to start planting next season with new ammunition against Canada fleabane. Monsanto’s Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans, genetically modified with a tolerance to dicamba and glyphosate herbicides, were recently approved for import by the European Union. Monsanto planned to introduce Xtend soybeans in Canada for the […] Read more