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Constellation of prices for live, feeder cattle futures

Market Talk with Jerry Klassen

The live and feeder cattle futures markets exhibit a behaviour commonly known as “the constellation of prices.” Understanding the price relationship between the live and feeder cattle futures can be invaluable when deciding to market calves or implement some type of hedging strategy using the price insurance. In this article, I’m going to discuss how […] Read more

The feeder cattle market is anticipating a surge in feedlot placements during the spring.

A few observations on the feeder cattle market

Market Talk with Jerry Klassen

Over the past month, I’ve received inquiries about the market outlook for feeder cattle. During February and March, yearling prices were grinding lower while the market for calves was near 52-week highs. There was a clear divorce in the price structure between the heavier and lighter weight categories. Therefore, I thought this would be a […] Read more

Klassen: Feeder market incorporates risk premium following U.S. floods

Compared to the previous week, western Canadian feeder cattle sold steady to $4 higher the week ending March 23. Favourable spring weather enhanced demand for yearlings from major finishing operations; Lethbridge-area markets were notably $3-$5 higher as feedlots focused on local cattle. While feeding margins remain in negative territory, strength in the deferred live cattle […] Read more