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Video: CWB directors on road ahead of plebiscite deadline

Farmer-elected directors of the Canadian Wheat Board held a series of meetings across the Prairies earlier this month to discuss the implications of the federal government’s plans to end the board’s single desk.  Manitoba director Bill Toews told the more than 300 farmers attending the meetings at Oak Bluff, Man., that Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz’s […] Read more

Ugly perennials getting admiring looks

In a back corner of the Ian N. Morrison Research Farm here is a nursery of what most farmers would consider butt-ugly plants with spindly stems, tiny seeds, and weedy characteristics. But they might just be the salvation of grain farming if the impact of climate change falls hard on the Canadian Prairies. The plots […] Read more

Editors’ Picks: Public taken off U.K. strawberry fields

British fans of U-pick strawberries have found that not all strawberry fields are forever, the Reuters news agency reports. Strawberry producer Boddington Farm, considered one of the largest U-pick fruit farms in Britain, announced it has dropped the U-pick business after health and safety officials ordered extra safety infrastructure such as handrails between the strawberry […] Read more