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OSCIA: Disease awareness can improve alfalfa yield, quality

Traditional diseases affecting alfalfa crops are as prevalent as emerging ones — that’s the somewhat surprising finding of the 2012 alfalfa disease survey that was conducted in Ontario last year to look at incidence, distribution and severity of many common diseases affecting commercial alfalfa fields in Ontario. “We were initially thinking we would find mostly […] Read more

OSCIA: Weather key in N recommendations for high-yield corn

Weather can make a big difference in the amount of nitrogen recommended for growing high-yielding corn. This is part of preliminary findings from a project led by corn specialist Greg Stewart of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food in Guelph, which is evaluating Ontario’s corn nitrogen calculator to determine the accuracy of its recommendations […] Read more

Crop Advances: Disease scouting helps maintain Ont. corn quality

Regular survey for the presence of corn diseases and pests can help farmers and plant breeders adapt to emerging trends — and protect and grow markets. This is particularly important for seed corn production, where Ontario is a recognized leader in North America, producing high yields and high quality. "These surveys help give us a […] Read more

Certified Angus Beef Targets Canada

Rising beef consumption and the growing popularity of branded products are good news for the future of beef production. This is especially true for Canadian cattle farmers and ranchers, as a leading branded beef company based in the U.S. is turning its eyes northward to expand its supply. Dr. Larry Corah, vice-president of Certified Angus […] Read more


Foodborne illness is something nobody wants to experience. It’s unpleasant, costly and, in the case of illness caused by E. coli 0157:H7, can cause lasting health problems or even death. The total economic cost of E. coli 0157:H7-related illness is high — as are costs associated with its prevention. A newly released study shows that […] Read more