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Comment: Making mistakes in the right direction

I’m a horse person, and one thing I’ve learned while working with horses is that there’s always more to learn. In my opinion, effective horsemanship is a blend of logic, emotional intelligence, physical ability, timing and the ability to read a horse. So, in short, it’s all pretty complicated and all riders make mistakes. Sometimes, […] Read more

Photo by Lydia Carpenter

Coming Up in Canadian Cattlemen: Jan 6, 2020

Happy New Year Cattlemen readers! We’re launching our first issue of a new decade with a cover story about Wian Prinsloo and Lydia Carpenter of Belmont, Manitoba. Prinsloo and Carpenter both grew up in the city, but had an interest and passion for food and farming from a young age, Heather Smith Thomas writes. By […] Read more

Softer steel cables fence off the trough and stretch without snapping.

Hopper-bottomed calf feeder cuts labour

A relatively simple system replaced hauling feed with five-gallon buckets on this ranch

Hauling five-gallon buckets to feed the weanlings was a regular chore for the Bowie family, until a fire gave them a chance to do something different. Originally the Bowie family, who ranch in the Great Sandhills of southwestern Sask­atchewan, used an old wooden-wheeled grain wagon to hold feed for the calves. They filled their pails […] Read more

If Canada sticks to a rules-based playbook on trade mean it won’t get any cake at all?

Comment: Having our cake and eating it, too

The saying about wanting to have your cake and eat it too has always annoyed me. Why would I have a piece of cake if not to eat it? And in order to eat the cake, I must first have it. But shake up the sentence structure, and the saying suddenly makes sense (at least […] Read more

Canadians returned Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Parliament Hill, but in a minority situation and a duration that depends on how long the political parties can agree to work together.

Comment: Another federal election in the books

The 2019 federal election is done and gone, leaving the country with a Liberal minority government and some strong feelings. It will also leave the beef industry looking for common ground with elected officials from various parties, at least for the next couple of years. These days, the way to a Liberal or NDP MP’s […] Read more

A Styrofoam cooler with heat or cold packs is a simple piece of equipment that keeps vaccine at the right temperature.

Keep syringes and needles clean and working during vaccination

Make sure you protect your vaccine’s effectiveness with a few practical steps

Getting the most out of a vaccine starts with the syringes and needles. Dr. Cody Creelman, a bovine veterinarian in southern Alberta, recently held a free webinar on ways to make cattle vaccines more effective. Part of his webinar covered how to keep needles and syringes clean and working well. Creelman recommends checking and replacing […] Read more

The Clifton family ranches in the Similkameen Valley in British Columbia.

Coming Up in Canadian Cattlemen: Nov 11, 2019

A preview of some of the stories in the next issue of the magazine.

Our cover story this month takes us to the beautiful Similkameen Valley in British Columbia, which the Clifton family has called home for over a century. The Cliftons were recognized nationally with The Environmental Stewardship Award this year, and Piper Whelan talked with Wade Clifton about the family’s sustainable ranching practices and how the ranching […] Read more

Comment: Reading the National Beef Strategy

The beef industry faces more than its fair of challenges these days. From public perception about beef’s impact on the environment and health to labour shortages to pending regulatory changes around traceability and transportation, you all have your hands full. At the same time, new technology and the disruption to pork production overseas are opportunities […] Read more

Chancey Guichon is the inaugural recipient of the James Hargrave Legacy Foundation award. Photo credit: Mona Howe

Coming Up in Canadian Cattlemen: Oct 21, 2019

A sneak peek at the Oct. 2019 issue of the magazine.

“In the cattle industry, the successes of the present and future innovations are often closely linked to past experience,” writes Mona Howe in her cover story on the James Hargrave Legacy Foundation Award. This month marks the two-year anniversary of Hargrave’s passing, a tremendous loss to his family, community and the industry. Howe writes about […] Read more

This past year has seen a number of incidents involving animal activists trespassing onto farms in an attempt to “liberate” livestock from producers.

Comment: Stealing a pig is not heroic

Usually fall elicits thoughts of seasonal chores such as moving the cow herd home or weaning calves. Feedlots and auction marts are gearing up for the fall calf run and we’re all thinking about winter. But this year, some in the livestock sector are weighing the likelihood of vegan activists trespassing onto their operation and […] Read more