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Cover photo by Hannah Biggs.

Coming up in Canadian Cattlemen: Sept. 9, 2019

The September issue will include several articles focused on animal health, plus a profile on the family running TK Ranch.

As the sun sets on another summer, those of us at Canadian Cattlemen are gearing up for a busy fall. Subscribers will receive two issues this month. Here’s a look at what’s in the first September issue. Colleen Biggs shares what it’s like to market beef directly to consumers in a profile written by Kelly […] Read more

Only 55 per cent of consumers correctly ranked beef as high protein in a Nielsen survey conducted last year.

Comment: What do people know about protein?

Here’s a funny thing: for all the media and social media buzz around protein these days, it turns out people might not know a lot about it. That’s according to survey results released by Nielsen last year. It’s not a new report, but with the spotlight on alternate protein products these days, it’s worth looking […] Read more

Cover photo by Heidi Fulton of Legacy Livestock Imaging.

Coming up in Canadian Cattlemen: August 2019

The August issue will cover everything from data to marketing to mental health, plus our annual Stock Buyer’s Guide

After a two-month break, Canadian Cattlemen will be hitting mailboxes on August 12. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find inside next week. There’s been plenty of buzz around using data in agriculture in recent years, but what does that look like at the ranch level? In a feature written by Piper Whelan, Doug […] Read more

Brian Cunningham’s bison on pasture near Pigeon Lake, Alta.

Feed Watch: June 24, 2019

A look at growing conditions for forage and feed across the Prairies and Ontario

Some areas in Western Canada welcomed rain recently. But overall, the Prairies are facing a 200-millimetre moisture deficit, Environment Canada estimates. To turn around the growing season, timing of rain is at least as important as volume, Marlo Glass reports in MarketsFarm. Drought-stricken areas will need a rainy day every week or 10 days throughout […] Read more

Brad Welter speaks to radio reporter Jack Dawes and Kevin Hursh during a Sask Farm Writer Association media tour on June 8.

Feed Watch: June 17, 2019

A look at growing conditions in the Prairies and Ontario

This spring, many agricultural regions across Canada have faced a Goldilocks scenario with rain — most have received either too much or too little, with very few getting it just right. For many beef producers and feedlot operators, that will mean finding alternative feed supplies. Brad Welter, president of Pound-Maker Ag Ventures, is all too […] Read more

(Photo top) A pilot project for adapting a U.S. grassland protocol to Canada will run at 10 sites in Western Canada. The protocol will aim to prevent conversion of grassland to cropland.  Photo credit: Lisa Guenther  |  (Photo bottom) Wild pig numbers are growing rapidly in Canada, which could have serious implications for agriculture.  Photo credit: Ryan Brook

Coming up in Canadian Cattlemen: June 2019

From wild pigs to foot rot, you’ll find it in the June 10 issue of the magazine

As beef producers spend time on the land this summer, they may see signs of unwelcome visitors. I’m not talking about trespassers, at least not the human kind. I’m talking about the growing population of wild pigs. Piper Whelan, our field editor, has interviewed Saskatchewan researcher Ryan Brook on the pigs’ spread and what it […] Read more

One issue with the Navigation Protection Act is that it expands the definition of a navigable waterway.

Comment: New legislation may be coming to a creek near you

You may never look at a spring creek the same way once you’ve learned about the proposed amendments to the Navigation Protection Act, which were introduced as part of Bill C-69 in February 2018. A Senate committee has been holding public hearings on the bill this spring. The Navigation Protection Act ensures people can travel […] Read more