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Eat plant-based foods more often, new Food Guide says

Health Canada unveiled a new Canada Food Guide today that ends the era of the ‘four food groups,’ no longer refers to serving sizes nor specific amounts of food to eat daily, and replaces the former iconic rainbow with a dinner plate comprised mostly of plant-based foods. This new guide is all about proportion rather […] Read more

VIDEO: Down to earth jewelry made in Manitoba

VIDEO: Down to earth jewelry made in Manitoba

Provincial soil turned trinkets travel the world

Manitoba Soil Sciences Society members have been using Newdale Clay Loam to make a series of pendants/keychains, bracelets, earrings and rings since Manitoba proclaimed it the provincial soil in 2010. MSSS members Marla Riekman and John Heard explain how the idea originated, how the jewelry is made, and the intent behind the ongoing initiative. All […] Read more

The 4-H museum at Roland,  about 90 km southwest of Winnipeg, will soon have significantly more artifacts as it officially becomes Canada’s national 4-H Museum. (Lorraine Stevenson photo)

National 4-H museum comes home to Roland, Man.

4-H capped off its celebration of 100 years in Canada this past weekend by coming home. Like a good old-fashioned rally, dignitaries, clubs and alumni joined with local residents here May 31 to celebrate. If how the venerable organization honours its past is any indication, 4-H has no worries about its future. It was on […] Read more

Marketing campaign to promote Prairie-grown fruits

Customers at Prairie U-picks and fruit stands this summer may spot colourful reminders about why they’re buying those raspberries, strawberries and other locally grown fruits. Manitoba’s Prairie Fruit Growers Association has launched a new branding program in a joint venture with like-minded grower groups in Saskatchewan and Alberta. "It’s the Taste" is the slogan growers […] Read more

“Naked oats” arrive in Campbell’s meal-in-a-can program

Campbell’s Canada’s launch of a new canned meal product containing naked oats is pure vindication for farmer from Manitoba’s Interlake who invested years promoting the variety as an important new crop. The Canadian food company on Feb. 28 announced the launch of Nourish, a 425-gram meal-in-a-can product which, in addition to two servings of vegetables […] Read more