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The Rosetown Hutterite Colony aims to feed 90 per cent of its calves next year and market those animals to Ben’s Quality Meats in Picture Butte, Alta.

Beef producers share insights into certification programs

Two beef producers talk about why they decided to certify their operations and the differences between the VBP+ and EU certification programs

Canadian beef producers are rightfully proud of the cattle they raise. Due to the care they provide their animals and their environmental stewardship, this country’s farmers and ranchers produce arguably the best beef in the world. Increasingly, producers are turning to certification programs like Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) and various European Union (EU) certifications […] Read more

Debate over grazing leases heats up in cattle country

The auditor general says ranchers are scooping up millions in payments that should go to the province, but leaseholders say that’s nonsense

A new report on Alberta’s grazing lease system by the provincial auditor general is throwing fuel on the long-simmering, controversial debate. The report estimates the province could be losing up to $25 million annually by allowing ranchers to keep compensation from energy companies when they drill or lay a pipeline. The report also says the […] Read more

High-tech ear tags to be put to the test

High-tech livestock ear tags are a step closer to reality in Alberta, thanks to a recent big dollar commitment towards a trial of Ultra High Frequency (UHF) tags. The end-to-end test will track animals through all parts of the beef production cycle, from the producer’s field, through auction markets, feedlots and to the processor. The […] Read more