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Southern Alta. barley harvest underway

CNS Canada — Harvest started this week for some barley crops in southern Alberta — parts of which have reported little or no rain for weeks. “I’m in southern Alberta (where) we just started harvest on our barley (on Monday), and I would say that the barley crops look good, (but) we’ve been a bit […] Read more

Canola growers working to reduce honeybee winterkill

CNS Canada — The number of Prairie canola acres makes the region a great place for honeybees to thrive — but given increasing winterkill rates, canola growers must make sure they take the precautions needed to maintain that relationship. “It’s a very mutually beneficial relationship,” said Gregory Sekulic, an agronomy specialist with the Canola Council […] Read more

Russia’s sanctions no surprise for pork industry

CNS Canada — Russian sanctions implemented last week halting food imports from the U.S., Canada and the European Union have jarred Canada’s pork industry, which exports a large amount of product to Russia annually. “It’s quite a significant impact in terms of the disruption it creates,” said Martin Rice, executive director at the Canadian Pork […] Read more

Majority of Manitoba corn progressing on time

CNS Canada — Despite sporadic crop conditions across the province, the majority of Manitoba’s corn crops are reported to be progressing on time. “It basically depends where you are in the province,” said Morgan Cott, a field agronomist with the Manitoba Corn Growers Association at Carman, Man. “The majority of the corn is well into […] Read more

Durum prices, quality vary

CNS Canada — The Canadian durum crop is currently seeing a wide range in both crop quality and prices. “It looks like the prices are quite volatile,” said Jerry Klassen, manager of GAP SA Grains and Produits in Winnipeg. “They are quite variable between $7 per bushel to $8.50 per bushel.” This wide price range […] Read more

Slow sales, transportation keep Prairie feed grain supported

CNS — Feed grain prices are above milling prices in some areas of Western Canada right now due to complicated travel logistics and patient farmers, says an industry analyst. “Just in general right now, farmers aren’t really big sellers of crop,” said Charlie Pearson, a provincial crops market analyst at Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. […] Read more

Manitoba aerial sprayers flooded with business

CNS Canada — Excessive moisture in southern Manitoba and Saskatchewan has caused flooding and complications not only for farmers on the ground, but also for the aerial spraying industry. “We’re busy here every year at this time, but there is increased demand for the airplanes because the ground sprayers are not able to get on […] Read more

Mustard acres at a high, eyeing blooming stage

CNS Canada –– Canadian mustard acreage is at a high right now, and the crop has avoided the bulk of the damage from the excessive precipitation in the past few weeks — but a late start may still impact crop yields. The seeded acreage report released June 27 by Statistics Canada showed 465,000 seeded mustard […] Read more