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farmer husband and wife with son

From birth to beef: the story of Buis Beef

Like most producers coming out of BSE, Joanne and Mike Buis knew they had to make changes to their feedlot operation. As third-generation farmers, the couple and their families have been raising beef in Chatham-Kent for over 75 years. Over the years, though, the operation has seen significant change. “To make cow-calf work in this […] Read more

Man in field with cattle.

Grazing Prior style

Tim Prior knows intensive grazing pays in Ontario

Prior has been using intensive grazing on his 90-acre farm, Grazing Meadows in Brussels, Ont., for over 15 years now. His cattle rotationally graze on 30 meadows, located along the laneway, using a leader-follower system. Stock is shifted daily, giving each paddock up to 30 days of rest and recovery. Each paddock is about 1.5 […] Read more

Goats in a pen.

Milk goats and beef fit together

Cow-calf producer Brian Pelleboer and his wife, Joan, were hit hard by BSE, taking a financial hit that amounted to a quarter-million dollars. It took them five years to recover. The point is, though, that they did recover. Beef farming, it would seem, is about resilience. It’s about bouncing back, and making the most of […] Read more