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The Long Road To Trading Beef In East Asia

The globalized economy doesn t lend itself to doing things slowly. We wake up some morning and our customers on the other side of the world have created trade barriers which change the game completely. So we are not inclined to sit back with a cup of tea and reflect on how things have gone […] Read more

The Ractopamine Crisis

Taiwan banned Canadian beef shipments again at the end of January after discovering traces of ractopamine in imported U.S. and Canadian beef. This has Canadian producers pulling their hair out. It is not just that ractopamine has been approved for use as a feed additive for hog and cattle production in more than 20 countries […] Read more


Canadians may be forgiven for being a little bit bitter about the success of Aussie beef in the Japan market. But we would be silly not to take note of what the Australians have been up to. In June 2008, Prime Minister Rudd stopped by a Jusco supermarket in Yokohama, flanked by Motoya Okada, president […] Read more