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cattle eating at a feedlot

Holos — a farm tool to assess GHG emissions from beef production

Software aims to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from farms

Assessing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from beef production using the Holos software was the focus of a third annual Holos workshop, held recently in Airdrie, Alta. GHG emissions and carbon footprints are a major focus within the industry today as consumers demand information about how their food is produced. A concern that this growing pressure […] Read more

Dr. Shannon R. White

Measuring agriculture’s shadow

Conservation practices needed to improve environmental performance of livestock sector

The value of biodiversity to provide ecosystem services like pollination to agriculture is more and more recognized,” says Dr. Shannon R. White, a University of Alberta ecologist working with the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute (ABMI). “Measuring biodiversity is the base for valuing the ecosystem services responsible for purifying our air and water, and ensuring the […] Read more

Genome Alberta CEO David Bailey says people’s relationship with food has changed.

Rethinking the public perception of genomics

People’s relationship with food has changed. We now want to know where it came from and how it was raised and grown,” says David Bailey, president and CEO of Genome Alberta, as part of his introductory remarks during a workshop in Calgary this spring to discuss the public side of using genomics to improve cattle […] Read more

iPhone app, iCalve, and its maker Jake Meyer.


A new app for your iPhone

So what does a guy with a ranch, a young family, multiple commitments to his community and industry organizations, do in his spare time? Well, he creates an app to take care of his calving records of course. Jake Meyer, with his family, operates a ranch in southern Alberta near Welling and has the only calving […] Read more