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Controlling liver flukes in beef cattle

Controlling liver flukes in beef cattle

Parasite often not identified until after an animal dies

A couple of years ago, a beef producer from southeast corner of Manitoba showed me a test tube filled with water. It contained a worm that was about three inches long, one inch wide and flat enough to almost see through. He told me that it was a deer liver fluke that the vet had taken it […] Read more

Three-compartment ground feeder.

Weatherproof feeder betters your chances of correct mineral intake

Beef cows can’t live without minerals and vitamins, which are often deficient or biologically unavailable in many pastures. I routinely recommend cattle producers feed sufficient well-formulated loose cattle mineral on a regular basis. I find that most people will take time in choosing a commercial beef mineral that’s formulated to meet their cows’ respective seasonal […] Read more

cow with pinkeye

Untreated pinkeye in cattle can be costly

Reduced weight gain on calves means fewer marketable pounds

It’s a funny thing about walking among beef cattle — I tend to catch things that I wouldn’t otherwise see by staring at them from a truck. Take spotting cattle with pinkeye for instance. The other week, I was walking along with the feedlot manager after the feedbunk was filled. Most of the beef finishers […] Read more

Black Angus Cow

Tips to help cattle cope with summertime heat stress

If cows and calves aren't eating, overall performance and weight gains are down

I always feel sorry for beef cattle in an open field that cannot escape the hot summer sun. The other day I was driving a pasture with about 30 Black Angus cows and spring calves. Not a tree or waterer in sight. All the animals were crowded together, none were grazing and their calves were […] Read more