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Native prairie near Hanley, Sask. For producers who are interested in environmental issues and wildlife, 
Mackay suggests seeking people with similar interests.

Joining the conversation

While beef producers are on the front line of issues such as antibiotic use and greenhouse gases, their voices still aren’t being heard

Crystal Mackay was surprised to learn that a national event with beef on the menu didn’t have any beef producers at the table. Food Day Canada was created in 2003 to give Canadian beef a boost, and it’s now held annually on the first Saturday in August. Chefs across the country from small restaurants to […] Read more

Lindsey Verhaeghe.

Leader in agricultural education recognized by United Nations

Public Trust: News Roundup from the December 2019 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

For Lindsey Verhaeghe, educating youth about agriculture is critical as the divide between the industry and the general public grows. Her commitment to teaching young people about agriculture through interactive games was recently recognized with a prestigious award from the United Nations. Verhaeghe was one of 10 recipients of the United Nations Global Compact 2019 […] Read more

Each year Cattle Trail gives Stampede-goers a chance to see live cattle close-up.

Meeting consumers on the Cattle Trail

The Calgary Stampede’s Cattle Trail is a case study into the value of face-to-face interactions between beef producers and consumers

For many visitors to the Calgary Stampede, a trip to the barns is the only interaction they ever have with livestock. This lends greater importance to the UFA Cattle Trail, an interactive exhibit about beef production. Set up each year in the Calgary Stampede’s Nutrien Western Event Centre, the Cattle Trail shares the story of […] Read more

The Cliftons’ herd includes Salers, Angus and Hereford genetics.

2019 TESA winners are here for the long run

Clifton Ranch is working to make their operation more efficient while using cattle to maintain the health of their valley

Sustainable management projects introduced on the Clifton Ranch aren’t quick fixes. These efforts take time and are meant to create lasting benefits. Given the importance the Clifton family places on caring for the grasslands and running an efficient, profitable beef operation, it’s time well spent. After being chosen by the British Columbia Cattlemen’s Association (BCCA) […] Read more

The right mineral supplementation program can improve colostrum and calf immunity, according to a study on the University of Florida’s cow herds.

Research suggests trace mineral source matters

New research shows that organic trace mineral supplementation has benefits over its inorganic counterparts

When it comes to mineral supplementation for beef females, new research suggests that the source matters. Studies from the University of Florida show that organic trace mineral supplementation for cows has benefits compared to inorganic trace minerals in areas such as increased pregnancy rates, weaning weight and calf immunity. Dr. Matt Hersom is an associate […] Read more

Study shows cattle temperament affects feedlot performance

Calmer animals perform better in the feedlot and have higher carcass quality and value than their more excitable counterparts

Differences in beef cattle temperament could significantly affect value from the feedlot to the plate, according to a Texas A&M University study. These findings, published in the Journal of Animal Science, show that heifers with calmer temperaments have better feedlot performance and, as a result, higher carcass quality and value than those with more excitable […] Read more

BRD or shipping fever is associated with recently weaned calves or calves that have recently arrived in the feedlot. Keep an eye out for chronic respiratory infections as well as acute cases.

Biofilm infections hamper detection and treatment of shipping fever

Research is underway on ways to dissolve the biofilm that protects bacteria in many cases of bovine respiratory disease

Keep a closer eye on the chronic, less obvious cases of bovine respiratory disease, says one researcher. These infections often involve a biofilm in the respiratory tract, protecting the bacteria and making it more resistant to antibiotics. Dr. Thomas Inzana, associate dean for research at Long Island University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, has been studying […] Read more

The CRSB’s Certified Sustainable Beef Framework sets out the standards for sustainable beef production that must be met by both producers and processors to become certified.

Centennial Foodservice to provide Certified Sustainable beef

One of Western Canada’s leading foodservice retailers announces its completion of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef’s Chain of Custody audit.

A leading Canadian retailer specializing in protein is the latest to pledge its commitment to providing customers with certified sustainable Canadian beef. Centennial Foodservice is now certified to source sustainably raised beef to the foodservice sector in both Western Canada and the Greater Toronto area, having completed the Chain of Custody audit requirements through the […] Read more

A new film highlights the role of beef production in conserving grasslands.

First screening of Guardians of the Grasslands sparks conversation and hope

New film focuses on the role that cattle play in the survival of the Canadian grasslands, one of the most endangered ecosystems on earth.

A new film about a Canadian landscape under constant threat is sharing a positive message about the role of beef production. Guardians of the Grasslands, a short documentary on the vital role of cattle in conserving Canada’s native prairie, premiered to a receptive audience in Calgary on October 3. Featuring young ranchers and conservationists, the […] Read more

For producers wanting to get the most out of a VCPR, consider working with your vet during the slower summer months to build a connection.

Herd health consultations necessary to buy antimicrobials

A veterinarian shares the process of establishing a veterinarian-client-patient relationship through a herd health consultation

While establishing and maintaining a veterinarian-client-patient relationship takes some time and effort, it’s likely simpler than expected, according to one beef cattle veterinarian. Creating a relationship with a veterinarian can provide great value to producers, says *Dr. Cody Creelman, beef cattle veterinarian at Veterinary Agri-Health Services in Airdrie, Alta. Although a large percentage of producers […] Read more