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New research by the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity will examine how COVID-19 has affected public trust.

Upcoming public trust research to consider effect of COVID-19

The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity intends to use past research as a baseline for pre-pandemic levels of trust in the Canadian food system

When the Canadian Centre for Food Integrity (CCFI) presents its annual public trust research this fall, it will encompass perspective on the pandemic. CCFI’s research includes an annual quantitative study, conducted online with a representative sample of Canadians to measure public attitudes about Canadian agriculture and food. This year, the study will provide CCFI with […] Read more

Deborah Yedlin, chancellor at the U of C, moderates a panel during the Simpson Centre announcement. L to R: Dr. Eugene Beaulieu, School of Public Policy, U of C; Fawn Jackson, government and international relations, Canadian Cattlemen’s Association; Dr. Ryan Cardwell, department of agricultural economics, University of Manitoba.

New University of Calgary centre set to meet challenges facing Canadian agriculture

Simpson Centre to blend research and policy, shaping the conversation on agriculture and food production

More than a decade ago, John Simpson noticed that ranchers and farmers who didn’t adapt with the times paid dearly for it. While considering funding a project related to agriculture, Simpson became concerned with the survival of the industry due to a lack of attention to consumer demands. “Farmers and ranchers need to be aware […] Read more

Students participate in an AgScape thinkAg Career Competition, learning about careers in Canada’s agri-food industry.

Classroom program builds public knowledge, promotes ag careers

AgScape is raising the profile of agriculture and food production in Ontario’s classrooms, connecting with students on issues that matter to them

With so much information about agriculture and food production easily accessible today, how does the average consumer know what’s true? By providing students with fact-based information on Canada’s agri-food industry, an Ontario-based classroom education program is empowering youth to think critically about these topics while gaining a better understanding of food production. AgScape is working […] Read more

COVID-19 has pushed show organizers to hold Ag in Motion online this summer.

Moving a live farm show online

Ag in Motion is making the shift to a digital farm show this summer, offering producers a new opportunity to do business

As the COVID-19 pandemic kept Canadians in lockdown this spring, the team behind Ag in Motion had a tough decision to make. The popular farm show, now in its sixth year at Langham, Sask., wouldn’t be able to take place at the show site this summer due to social distancing and virus transmission concerns. In […] Read more

Amanda Brodhagen is a young beef producers from Stratford, Ontario

A young beef producer’s post-pandemic wish list

An Ontario cow-calf producer shares what she hopes to see come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, including a tighter connection between the public and food production.

Renewed interest in purchasing locally produced food is just the beginning of possible opportunities for the Canadian beef industry, one young producer believes. Amanda Brodhagen sees the potential for a number of positive changes for the Canadian beef industry and the public’s connection to food production arising from our current challenges. “I hope that that […] Read more

Amanda Brodhagen is a young beef producers from Stratford, Ontario

Challenging times bring opportunities to connect with customers

A young beef producer shares how her family is finding opportunities for business and consumer engagement during the COVID-19 crisis.

Despite the challenges currently facing Canadian agriculture among other sectors, Amanda Brodhagen is determined to stay positive. While much about the ongoing situation resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic worries Brodhagen, this young beef producer reminds herself things could be much worse. In that light, she’s choosing to focus on the opportunities it presents for her […] Read more

Erik Nottveit, Arvid Nottveit’s son checking cattle at Tribar Ranching Co., located on the northern edge of Lake Manitoba. Changes to Manitoba’s Crown lease program are creating uncertainty for leaseholders.

Crown land changes create uncertainty for Manitoba’s beef producers

New regulations for Manitoba’s Agricultural Crown Lands lease program caught lease-holders off guard, leaving many unsure about the future of their operations

Without his Crown land lease, Arvid Nottveit wouldn’t be able to make a living raising cattle. Nottveit and his family run Tribar Ranching Co., a cow-calf operation at Peonan Point, Man., and they rely on a Crown lease of 9,600 acres. Here on a 25-mile-long peninsula on the northern edge of Lake Manitoba, the family […] Read more

A recent survey found that a business plan reduces stress and contributes to peace of mind.

Study finds link between mental health and business management practices

While a small percentage of producers surveyed use a business plan, the majority of those report less stress as a result

Using a farm business plan can decrease stress and support positive mental health, according to a recent study. National research by Farm Management Canada has found a positive correlation between the mental health of primary producers and adhering to business management practices. However, only around one-fifth of those surveyed regularly use a farm business plan. […] Read more

A corn maze beneath an overcast sky. Mental health advocates say more awareness and training is needed in difficult times.

More mental health awareness, training needed in difficult times

Advocates of mental health awareness in agriculture discuss warning signs, the best way to help someone and the training that can make a difference in rural communities

With uncertain times going nowhere soon, mental health awareness within agriculture is more necessary than ever. Mental health advocates are encouraging Canadian farmers and ranchers to be aware of signs of declining mental health and to be brave enough to reach out when someone they know is struggling. “Sometimes it’s really difficult for us to […] Read more

For the buy local movement to strengthen, the industry will need more small- and medium-sized processors

More small processors needed to fulfill promise of local food movement

While beef producers who market directly to customers are seeing a surge in demand, smaller processors are overwhelmed.

As the processing sector faced severe challenges this spring, the phrase “buy local” was bandied about as the solution. But is it really that simple? While Rachel Herbert is excited about this shift in consumer focus, she recognizes it’s not a quick or easy solution to beef shortages and processing backlogs at large packing plants. […] Read more