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The South East Research Farm’s trial on soybeans and flowery silage corn after frost.

Forage intercropping trials show promise in Western Canada

Research is underway to fully understand the best practices for incorporating forage mixtures in this cropping method

The practice of intercropping is receiving more attention on the Prairies, and research centres are exploring the possibilities for forage options. The potential benefits are promising, researchers say, but more work is needed to provide producers with accurate information on how best to apply this method. “I think it’s really interesting that there’s some combinations […] Read more

Research finds trust in Canadian food system at an all-time high

Agri-food industry’s strong response to pandemic has increased trust that Canadians will have continuous access to food

Public trust in Canada’s food system is at an all-time high, thanks to agri-food stakeholders’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity’s (CCFI) 2020 public trust research shows that despite the unusual challenges the Canadian food system has faced this year, the sector’s actions have resulted in an overall increase in trust […] Read more

Love for photography leads to film career in beef industry

Young Leader Spotlight: Meet the videographer who helped bring "Guardians of the Grasslands" to life

When Ben Wilson was encouraged to apply for the Cattlemen’s Young Leaders program in 2017, he remembers laughing aloud. Wilson, who is one half of Story Brokers Media House, didn’t think the program would accept a filmmaker who wasn’t a beef producer, but being chosen to participate in the mentorship program ended up making a […] Read more

Erik Nottveit, Arvid Nottveit’s son checking cattle at Tribar Ranching Co., located on the northern edge of Lake Manitoba. Changes to Manitoba’s Crown lease program are creating uncertainty for leaseholders.

Reforms to Manitoba’s Crown lands still frustrate leaseholders

Rent break and extending lease renewals to family transfers seen as positive moves by industry, but producers say issues still exist with new program

Agricultural Crown land leaseholders in 18 Manitoba municipalities that declared a state of agricultural disaster in 2019 will be given a one-time rent credit. However, some leaseholders say this won’t make much difference due to the rising rental rate introduced as one of the many reforms to the agricultural Crown land (ACL) lease program in […] Read more

Patricia Fawley decided to pursue a degree in veterinary medicine after working as an embryo technician at Bow Valley Genetics

New vet student makes the best of virtual learning

Young Leader Spotlight: Patricia Fawley planned to be learning veterinary medicine hands-on while in the Caribbean, but the pandemic shifted her studies online.

Starting veterinary school is a new challenge under any circumstance, but taking your first semesters entirely online is a particularly unusual situation. For Patricia Fawley, attending Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine on St. Kitts and Nevis holds the added allure of studying on an island in the Caribbean. Before she could travel there to […] Read more

Hereford genetics were introduced to Mongolia’s Bulgan and Selenge provinces from Russia in the 1950s. The breed did well, but the cattle industry declined after the Soviet Union fell and state-run farms closed.

Canadian producer builds pasture-to-plate beef business in Mongolia

Blending modern feedlot practices with tradition is opening new doors for a small feedlot in Mongolia

When Jeremy and Roxy Thiessen first served their home-finished beef to friends, their guests declared they’d never tasted anything like it. While this is often how stories of direct-marketing success begin, the Thiessens had a distinct advantage based on their location and market demands, providing a unique opportunity for this family. At first glance, the […] Read more

By running simulations, researchers found indications that wetlands and grasslands can mitigate floods.

Research shows benefits of well-managed agricultural landscapes to flood resiliency

Scientists are creating tools to better measure the value of wetlands and grasslands to naturally mitigate floods

Of the many benefits to human well-being provided by wetlands, flood attenuation is an ecosystem service that is receiving more attention. Now, scientists are working to accurately measure the flood resiliency of well-managed wetlands and grasslands, taking into consideration the value of agricultural management practices that benefit a landscape’s water-holding capacity. “We’re building better tools […] Read more

Separating heifers from mature cows reduces competition at the bunk and allows producers to formulate a diet specific to the needs of growing heifers.

Nutrition 101 for replacement heifers

Six tips to create a nutrition plan to give replacement heifers the best start possible in your herd

Setting clear benchmarks is an ideal place to begin when creating your heifer development program. This is where Kristin Thompson, ruminant nutritionist for New Life Mills, begins when she works with cow-calf producers to develop nutrition programs for replacement females. Monitoring your heifers’ growth begins with knowing how much they need to gain by the […] Read more

B.C. beef producers are leasing a federally inspected plant in a bid to launch a  B.C. beef brand.

B.C. Beef brand a step closer to grocery store shelves

Producer-owned corporation to source B.C.-raised cull cows and market ground beef locally

A rancher-owned beef brand in B.C. is a step closer to reality with the lease of a federally inspected packing plant. The plan to launch a B.C. Beef brand is moving ahead after several years of work by the province’s beef industry, with the project’s steering committee announcing its lease of the KML processing plant […] Read more

(Left to right) Ruby, Jacob, Rita and Ross Canning at their beef operation near Geelong, Victoria in Australia.

Passion for raising cattle brings youth to Canada

Young Australian producer drawn to Canada for opportunities to benefit her herd back home

No matter where in the world you travel, family is at the heart of agriculture. Above the main show ring at Canadian Western Agribition in 2019, Ruby Canning was taking a short break in the International Business Centre. Backpack and camera at her side, the young Australian lit up when she talked about how much […] Read more