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As the pandemic pushed millennials to hone their culinary skills, Canada Beef provided everything from recipes to tips on cooking and storing beef.

A demographic ready for a connection

Millennials respond positively to messages about nutrition and convenience of beef, especially when they hear it from third parties

This is the second instalment in a three-part series on millennial consumers and the opportunities for the Canadian beef producers in better understanding this demographic. Look for Part Three in the March 2021 issue of Canadian Cattlemen. You can read Part One here. When it comes to purchasing and consuming Canadian beef, millennials make a […] Read more

Ten-year-old Lincoln Graham dons a mask while showing at the Lloydminster Stockade Roundup. Show organizers decided to hold Roundup in person this past November, with protocols in place.

Livestock shows pivot to survive hard times

Several Canadian exhibitions adapt their programming to deal with the COVID-19, pandemic, though the future of the agriculture events sector remains uncertain

In its almost century-long history, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair had only been cancelled once before in a moment of adversity. Toronto’s famed exhibition was put on hold during the Second World War as army barracks were created in the Royal Horse Palace. Canadian soldiers about to ship out to Europe readied themselves in stables […] Read more

While people may have differing ideas of what sustainability means, it’s a requirement for millennials making food purchases.

What millennials want

Looking beyond the click-bait headlines into how millennials’ perspectives can offer opportunities to the Canadian beef industry

This is the first instalment in a three-part series delving into the priorities and concerns of millennials when purchasing beef. You’ve likely seen the cringe-worthy headlines on consumer trends relating to millennials. From an alleged fixation on avocado toast to supposedly causing the decline of the engagement ring industry, articles blaming millennials for the rise […] Read more

Ceres Tag CEO David Smith with tag and applicator.

Satellite ear tags for livestock coming to Canada

Canadian producers involved in international trial of Australian-based direct-to-satellite smart ear tag

When Heather Mundt sought an alternative to branding, a new livestock ear tag in development on the other side of the world opened the door for new management decision possibilities. Heather and her husband Brenton, who run a cow-calf operation and grain farm at Oyen, Alta., were interested in GPS ear tags for identification and […] Read more

Filming Guardians of the Grasslands. Ag in the Classroom is working with Canadian Cattlemen's Foundation to develop teaching resources for the film along with other classroom resources related to beef production.

The power of storytelling

A compelling story combined with all the right skills allowed Ben Wilson to play a vital role reaching audiences beyond the beef industry

When Ben Wilson arrived at the Waldron Ranch Grazing Co-op in June 2019, he and his business partner, Sarah Wray, were there to create a short video about this historic ranch. The two filmmakers, who run Story Brokers Media House, had access to experts from Ducks Unlimited Canada and the Nature Conservancy of Canada. The […] Read more

The staff at Bow Valley Genetics.

New opportunities to apply embryo transfer

Embryo transfer may start to grow in commercial herds, in conjunction with other genetic selection tools

When you think of bovine embryo transfer, it’s likely you view it as a technique geared toward the seedstock industry. This advanced reproductive technology is a well-established tool for purebred breeders, and now some embryo transfer practitioners are seeing opportunities for its growth in commercial breeding programs. “Embryo transfer or IVF is not a technology […] Read more

Sydney Lake.

Creativity helps young ag exhibition manager pivot during pandemic

Young Leader Spotlight: Sydney Lake, ag manager at the Lloydminster Agricultural Exhibition, makes the most of her mentorship experience in a challenging year

Being adaptable served Sydney Lake well in a year no one expected. It allowed her to make the most of her experience in Canadian Western Agribition’s Next Gen Agriculture mentorship program. Lake was paired with Rob O’Connor, the show director of Ag in Motion, who was an ideal resource for navigating the challenges posed by […] Read more

The Stuart family: Ben holding son Sullivan and Sian holding daughter Ava.

Free-choice silage pit grazing a simple winter feeding option

Ben Stuart, a forage specialist and beef producer, explains how to make this feeding option work for you

A free-choice silage pit may be the right stockpile grazing option to reduce your equipment costs and simplify winter feeding. Ben Stuart, forage specialist with Union Forage, first used this method of “grazing” silage to decrease winter feeding costs while maintaining quality in a system that’s easily accessible for cattle. “We wanted to look at […] Read more

The South East Research Farm’s trial on soybeans and flowery silage corn after frost.

Forage intercropping trials show promise in Western Canada

Research is underway to fully understand the best practices for incorporating forage mixtures in this cropping method

The practice of intercropping is receiving more attention on the Prairies, and research centres are exploring the possibilities for forage options. The potential benefits are promising, researchers say, but more work is needed to provide producers with accurate information on how best to apply this method. “I think it’s really interesting that there’s some combinations […] Read more

Recent research has found that public trust in Canada's food system is at an all-time high.

Research finds trust in Canadian food system at an all-time high

Agri-food industry’s strong response to pandemic has increased trust that Canadians will have continuous access to food

Public trust in Canada’s food system is at an all-time high, thanks to agri-food stakeholders’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Canadian Centre for Food Integrity’s (CCFI) 2020 public trust research shows that despite the unusual challenges the Canadian food system has faced this year, the sector’s actions have resulted in an overall increase in trust […] Read more