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Piglet virus spreads to 13 U.S. states

A swine virus deadly to young pigs, one never before seen in North America, is spreading rapidly across the U.S. and proving harder to control than previously believed. The virus now has spread to 13 states — with more than 100 positive cases to date — since it was first diagnosed in the United States […] Read more

U.S. pork industry hunts for hog diarrhea virus

The sudden and widespread appearance of a swine virus deadly to young pigs — one never before seen in North America — is raising questions about the biosecurity shield designed to protect the U.S. food supply. The swine-only virus, the porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV), poses no danger to humans or other animals, and the […] Read more

Ego too big to fail, PFG founder admits 20-year fraud

Russell Wasendorf Sr., arrested on Friday, confessed to a 20-year fraud at his now-bankrupt Iowa brokerage, saying business troubles and his "big" ego left him no choice: "So I cheated." In the dramatic conclusion to a week-long saga that has shaken trader confidence in the trillion-dollar U.S. futures markets, authorities released parts of a detailed […] Read more