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Early-Warning Device Looks For A Market

In a large feedlot finding sick animals and removing them from the pen can be a full-time job. Illness cannot be identified until visual symptoms occur, which may reduce the ability to treat the animals effectively. Research conducted at the University of Guelph proved that using a telemetric bolus inserted in the animal’s rumen alerts […] Read more

Feeding Fall Pastures

When the buffalo roamed, they moved across the prairie and left behind a “pasture” that rejuvenated itself. Most cattle producers, particularly in Eastern Canada, don’t have the luxury of thousands of acres of land on which to graze their herd and are restricted to paddocks or a few hundred acres of fenced range. Sadly, some […] Read more

Yield data offers cattle producers new options

“ Now that we can show straw yield data, beef producers have an opportunity to maximize their opportunities for money and straw.” While information on straw yield customarily is anecdotal, the Ontario Cereal Crop Committee has begun recording straw yields as part of the committee’s annual variety trials. The results give producers something to think […] Read more

Genetic links identify which animal’s meat is most tender

If producers offer certification of tenderness, our company could market it to stores or restaurants — Harry Bojarski, Ryding Regency Meat Packers Nothing could please a steak lover more than to know the piece of meat just purchased will be tender. While there are many certification programs that claim the most tender meat, there is […] Read more

Making Quarantine Pay

A memo board in John Buckley’s Buck-office tells the story of how quickly a successful operation went downhill with the announcement of one Alberta cow testing positive for BSE. The Lindsay, Ont., producer of champion Holstein cows saw the value of his herd drop to 10 per cent of its book value within a month. […] Read more