Extra equipment for your calving kit

Calving/Equipment with Roy Lewis, DVM

Just as a good mechanic has specific tools for specific jobs you too need specialized equipment during calving season. Each piece should be clean, disinfected and accessible when calving, and a little practice with this equipment beforehand is always beneficial. You may not need these particular tools often, but when you do they can save […] Read more

Practical ways to reduce our use of antibiotics

The livestock industry has made great strides in addressing the topic of antimicrobial usage and indirectly lessening the opportunity for the formation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. From veterinarians setting treatment protocols to cow-calf and feedlot producers implementing effective coping strategies, progress is being made in minimizing the incidence of disease and thus reducing the need for […] Read more

Steer clear of fatigued cattle syndrome

Animal Health with Roy Lewis, Dvm

A few years ago cattle from an Amer­ican feedlot went down during transport to a packing plant and others developed severe lameness. This condition was eventually labelled fatigued cattle syndrome and became a huge animal welfare issue due to the appearance of severely lame, non-ambulatory cattle. Initially beta-agonists were incriminated but numerous studies have essentially […] Read more

The benefits of palpating heifers

There are both economic and health benefits for your cattle operation

Many commercial or purebred producers and auction markets are realizing the benefits of palpating heifers pre-breeding. This can also be done at pregnancy checking and involve a more thorough exam than simply a determination of whether they are pregnant or not. I will try and high­light some of these and explain how this may economically […] Read more

vaccinating a calf

Criteria for selecting the right antibiotic

There are a lot of factors at play and all of them need to be 
considered in every case where antibiotics are an option

Although a few very effective antibiotics have been removed from the marketplace over the years, the choice has never been greater. The challenge is there are so many factors hinging on the outcome, so deciding which antibiotic to use — or if one is necessary at all — can be a very difficult decision. Also […] Read more

Monitoring the suckle reflex in calves

Some recent research has revealed a test that easily predicts which calves should receive supplemental colostrum at only a few minutes old. It was the result of some work by Dr. Elizabeth Homerosky, a veterinarian at the faculty of veterinary medicine at the University of Calgary, as she was comparing various testing procedures to determine […] Read more

A new decision tree for veterinarians

The latest tool for fighting antibiotic resistance

Very recently the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association along with several partners came up with a Therapeutic Decision Cascade for Animal and Public Safety. This is a great tool for reminding all of us how to properly select drugs for any species we are treating. By considering that all we want is to look after the […] Read more

Check the quality of the water

Close attention to water quality can result in far better gains and health for livestock. It is often left out of the equation when discussing ways to increase production, and the last thing checked in disease investigations. Since the bovine is generally very tolerant of poor-quality water obvious health concerns may not arise yet subtle […] Read more