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mother cow and calf

Five steps to a successful calving season

Preparations in advance makes calving season both easier on you and your herd

Calving season is an exciting time of year in most operations. It is exciting to see new calves hitting the ground, but it can also be exciting in more of a pending emergency sort of way. Most herds that have successful, low-drama calving seasons have several things in common, regardless of their calving season, most […] Read more

Genomics 101

Genomics is a word we have been hearing quite a bit of in the press and has been reported in this magazine more than once. Basically genomics is the study of the DNA of an animal and how it is passed down through generations. In the case of cattle this DNA is contained in 60 […] Read more

home-built solar energy collector

Home-built solar basics

I recently had the privilege of talking to two groups of producers in Saskatchewan regarding construction of solar water systems. We run a wide variety of systems in our operation, and they are basically built using the principle of being the most cost-effective solution for our problem. Included in these solutions are gas pumps, nose […] Read more