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File Photo.  Personal food choices are coming under more scrutiny. Meat eaters came under fire from environmentalists in 2019. People struggling with weight could be the next targets after a study suggesting that overeating and obesity produce 20 per cent more greenhouse gas emissions than other eating patterns.

Labouring after the holiday

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Labour Day and the week preceding it have the third-largest beef sales for the year in the U.S. Sales this year were stronger than normal and different from prior years. Retailers normally feature mostly ground beef and hot dogs ahead of the holiday. But this year they heavily featured bone-in rib steaks, T-bone steaks and […] Read more

Food consumers increasingly want to know how their food is produced, how animals are cared for, and want guarantees that beef is safe and has been produced in a sustainable way.

Tyson leads transparency push on beef production

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Consumers in the U.S. and Canada increasingly want to know how their food is produced. As far as beef is concerned, they want to know how animals are cared for, they want guarantees that beef is safe and that it has been produced in an environmentally sustainable way. Until now, the beef industries in both […] Read more

Terrible trade wars erupting

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Free trade is the lifeblood of the global economy. From the very first evidence of trading, regions of the world and then individual countries have bought and sold goods from each other. Countries increasingly realized the importance of such agreements, not just for the economic benefits for the countries involved but for the societal benefits […] Read more

Serums produced from fetal bovine blood used in the pharmaceutical industry are vital to the production of vaccines.

The copious cattle carcass

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When consumers think of cattle, they mostly focus on the juicy steak, roast or ground beef that comes from an animal’s carcass. That’s if they even connect these and other beef products to an animal. What they seldom if ever think of is the copious number of byproducts from that animal that find their way […] Read more

Marfrig is the second-largest beef processor in South America behind JBS

Brazil’s North American push into the beef market

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No one in the early 2000s could possibly have imagined that Brazil’s two largest beef companies would eventually own or control two of the U.S.’s four largest companies. Yet that is about to occur when Marfrig Global Foods completes its U.S. $969 million acquisition of 51 per cent of National Beef Packing. The latter is […] Read more

The meat industry can maintain its current momentum by addressing various population groups’ increasingly different approaches to meat.

Changing consumer trends

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ALL wealth to the North American beef industry comes from consumers. So it’s critically important for the industry to closely track what consumers are doing, thinking and wanting. Americans’ food needs and wishes are changing significantly, and the U.S. meat industry needs to understand new trends to continue to deliver what consumers want. The same […] Read more

If you don't have suitable grasses for grazing, herd expansion plans are going to suffer.

Drought might end further expansion

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Beef cattle producers in North America largely owe their livelihoods to a simple but precious crop — grass. The more they have, the more they expand their herds because no producer can bear to see pasture being underutilized. The less they have, the more likely they are to cut their numbers. Producers in the U.S. […] Read more

Lower cattle prices are coming

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Cattle feeders in Canada and the U.S. enjoyed a much more profitable 2017 than expected, in large part due to strong beef demand in North America and globally. They will again rely on strong demand and no disruption to the NAFTA provisions for beef and cattle trade because U.S. slaughter levels and beef production will […] Read more

Flags are pictured during the fifth round of NAFTA talks involving the United States, Mexico and Canada, in Mexico City, Mexico, November 19, 2017.

NAFTA talks cloud outlook

Prime Cuts with Steve Kay, from the January 2018 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

2017 turned out to be much better than expected for the U.S. red meat industry, and likely the Canadian industry as well. The U.S. industry last January faced a blockbuster protein year. Several equities and other analysts forecast doom and gloom for livestock prices and for profits for publicly traded companies. However, the exact opposite […] Read more

China dangles carrots at U.S. beef industry

Prime Cuts with Steve Kay from the December 2017 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

China is getting increasingly adept at dangling carrots to keep the U.S. at bay. Its latest carrot was to announce on November 9 that it had signed US$253 billion of business deals with U.S. companies. News reports quickly questioned whether the deals will turn into actual business. Buried in the massive total was news that […] Read more