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Kenyon: Why I won’t be a salesman

Management: News Roundup from the April 2017 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

For years I have been teaching at schools and presenting at conferences and seminars. I’m not sure how that ever happened but I love the educational side of my business. I teach about many different parts of my business. This includes grazing, fencing, economics, winter grazing, human resources, water systems and numerous other topics. Throughout […] Read more

Have you herd? You have to move it

Grazing with Steve Kenyon

herd | noun – a large group of animals that live, feed, or migrate together or are kept together verb – (with reference to a large group of people or animals) move in a particular direction When you read the above definitions, you may think of a herd of livestock grazing out on a hillside. […] Read more

cattle grazing

Learn when to stop doing things

News Roundup from the December 2016 issue of Canadian Cattlemen

Farmers complain quite often about two things: they don’t have enough time or enough money. We have all seen the little phrases that in one form or another brag that farmers work long hours for little pay. It frustrates me to see these memes shared on social media as the message it sends to potential new […] Read more

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What’s the margin?

Do you know the economics behind your production practices?

Even though the production components of your business are important, they don’t make or break it for you. The most important part of any business is in managing the business itself. The economics and finances behind the production practices are more important than the production practice itself. Two producers can use the same production practice. […] Read more

The economics behind bale grazing

Grazing with Steve Kenyon

A lot of farmers only see one type of cost when it comes to feeding cattle. They see the feed cost. However, there are other costs which are often overlooked. This would be the act of feeding, also called the yardage cost. The reason this is not always included is because it is not a […] Read more

Back to bale grazing

Grazing with Steve Kenyon

A gross margin analysis will tell you the profitability of your different profit centres on your farm. My decision to choose one production practice over another is largely decided by the margin I calculate. It is, however, very important to include current market values in your calculations. Last year’s hay prices in my area are […] Read more

When to move cattle

Grazing with Steve Kenyon

If you’re just starting out or have been rotationally grazing for a while, one of the main challenges you face during the grazing season is when to move the livestock. I have to make the same decisions with my herds. Each year is different and my grazing has to adjust with it. No matter how much you […] Read more

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Be a soil farmer

When I first started farming, I bought some cows. I was a cattle farmer. I eventually figured out that if I could take good care of the grass, it would take care of the cattle. When I determined the cattle were simply a tool to manage the grass, I became a grass farmer. A few […] Read more

Spring is here: What to plant?

A very common question that I receive at many of my conferences or seminars is, “What should we plant?” They are of course referring to the type of forage species to seed into their overgrazed pastures? This might seem like a pretty straightforward question but I always catch producers off guard with my answer. They […] Read more