New interactive forage selection tool launched for Western Canada

New interactive forage selection tool launched for Western Canada

The Saskatchewan Forage Council is excited to announce the launch of Forage U-Pick, a new interactive forage species selection tool for Western Canada. Designed to provide users with information for forage selection, seeding rates, and weed management, Forage U-Pick is a mobile-friendly tool offering timely and efficient advice.

Forages for hay and pasture are essential for beef production. Ensuring that forage species are well- suited to growing conditions improves establishment rates, yield, vigour and quality. The Forage U-Pick tool provides information that can help to reduce costs, improve utilization and number of grazing days, and increase profitability.

“Forage U-Pick has been a massive undertaking,” says SFC President Tamara Carter. “The Saskatchewan Forage Council is delighted with the collaborative efforts of all the contributors, and project manager Julie MacKenzie, for bringing our vision for a western Canadian forage tool to fruition.”

Forage U-Pick is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform:

  • Forages Suited to My Field allows users to choose their province, soil zone or a regional zone and provides a list of forage species that are suited to the selected zone.
  • The Seeding Rate Calculator is used once users have selected the forages they want to seed, ensuring that the right amount of seed is put into the ground to have the best possible chance for a good stand.
  • The Forage Weed Management area of the tool touches on how the economic success in forages can increase with proper weed control.

“This project is a collaboration of more than a dozen organizations, across four provinces,” says Carter. “Through their contributions of time, expertise and funding, all of these groups came together to build one great tool for producers.”

Forage U-Pick can be found on the SFC website and at

Funding for Forage U-Pick was provided by the Beef Cattle Research Council, Alberta Beef, Forage and Grazing Centre, Saskatchewan Forage Council, and the Government of British Columbia and Government of Canada through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

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