Assail approved in stone fruit crops

Growers of peaches, nectarines, plums, sweet or tart cherries, plumcots, prunes and apricots are expected to gain from an expanded label for Assail insecticide.

Better known among potato growers as a control for Colorado potato beetles and aphids, DuPont Canada’s group 4 acetamiprid product Assail 70 WP has previously been approved for use in crops such as leafy vegetables, pome fruits, field tomatoes, grapes, tobacco and cole crops.

Growers of Group 12 stone fruits may now use Assail for control of oriental fruit moth and plum curculio, DuPont said in a release Monday.

Assail is registered for oriental fruit moth control on stone fruit at 120 to 240 grams per hectare, and at 240 g/ha to control plum curculio and cherry fruit fly. The product “should be used at the higher rate for heavy infestations or dense foliage,” the company said.

An emergency use registration for Assail in lowbush blueberry growers in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island also kicked in Monday (June 1) and runs until Aug. 31.

The emergency use covers the product’s application in that time frame at 136 to 160 g/ha in fields at risk from infestation of blueberry maggot. It also warns that the emergency use does not cover applications on U-pick blueberry fields.


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