Chicken Farmers now blogging

Staff of Canada’s chicken farmers’ organization have started a new bid to engage the chicken-buying public in the blogosphere.

Chicken Farmers of Canada (CFC) on Monday officially launched its new blog, called Chicken Feeds.

CFC said its goal with the blog is “to create a dialogue between the organization and consumers, and to discuss important issues such as animal care and to debunk some of the urban legends, myths and general misunderstandings about chicken.”

For example, one question posted to the blog asks, “Does any of the chicken sold in Canada come from China?” CFC replied that Canada, which supplies most of the domestic chicken market through supply management, does not import any chicken meat from China and in 2007, imported just from the U.S., Brazil, Thailand (cooked only) and Chile.

“Now, more than ever, consumers want information about where their food comes from, how it’s raised and how it’s handled,” CFC chairman David Fuller said in a release Monday.

“We’ve always been a very transparent organization, and this blog is another way that we can provide information to consumers, and just as importantly, hear what matters most to them,” said Fuller, a Nova Scotia chicken farmer.

CFC staff have been posting to the blog for just a couple of weeks and already have generated some viewer comment.

“We may have to ‘squint’ a bit to see past the PR and spin, but in my view (your) new blog is a positive development,” one poster wrote to the CFC’s bloggers. “As consumers vote with their hard-earned dollars, more and more food producers will have to engage in this fashion.”


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