Climate’s field software en route to Eastern Canada


San Francisco-based ag software firm and Monsanto subsidiary The Climate Corporation is making a run for the border with its Climate FieldView farm data suite.

Appearing Wednesday at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show, company representatives announced their suite of digital farm data tools, Climate FieldView, will be offered for sale in Eastern Canada this winter, for use in the 2017 crop season.

Pricing for the Climate FieldView package in Canada will be available this fall, the company said. Farmers will be able to access field-level weather insights, including notifications and scouting, plus satellite imagery for free on two trial fields.

“Through the advanced digital tools in the Climate FieldView platform, Canadian farmers can instantly visualize and analyze crop performance with field data maps and satellite imagery, so they can tailor their agronomic practices for the best outcome at the end of the season,” Climate CEO Mike Stern said in a release.

Launched in the U.S. in 2015, tying Climate Corp.’s existing offerings into a single platform, Climate FieldView has since been used on more than 92 million acres in the U.S. by over 100,000 U.S. farmers, the company said.

Farmer customers will be able to use Climate FieldView Drive for “simple data collection, storage and visualization” by transferring field data from farm equipment into their Climate FieldView accounts, said the company, which been an arm of Monsanto since 2013.

FieldView Drive captures planting data and harvest data such as yield, and digitally displays that data in a farmer’s account. The system will work with “many” tractors and combines in Eastern Canada, the company said.

Farmers can also connect field data to their Climate FieldView account via Precision Planting’s 20/20 monitors and John Deere’s Wireless Data Server (WDS) system, the company said.

Climate FieldView also allows cloud-to-cloud connection with “many” other agricultural software systems, as well as manual file upload, the company added.

Climate FieldView also provides yield analysis tools to gauge seed performance by field and hybrid, and offers high-resolution field satellite imagery, including the capability to drop geo-located scouting pins on field health images.

The system also offers field-level weather information and notifications, including historical, real-time and forecasted weather, “to decide which fields are workable based on average field precipitation and wind speed.”

Customers, the company said, should sign up by Jan. 1 if they want to “experience the complete value of the platform throughout the entire season.” — Network

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