Degelman to make heavy harrows for Deere

Regina company reaches OEM agreement for new line

John Deere says its new line of heavy harrows features a quick folding and unfolding sequence to help farmers move more quickly between fields. (

Major U.S. farm equipment manufacturer John Deere Co. has launched a new line of heavy harrows — and is going to Saskatchewan to get them.

Regina equipment maker Degelman Industries announced Tuesday it has reached an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) agreement to provide Deere with a line of three heavy harrow models, the HH50, HH70 and HH82, designed for small-grain growers.

Deere, in a separate release Tuesday, billed its new heavy harrows, sold in its traditional green paint, as “a powerful new tool for managing heavy residue, controlling weeds and volunteer plants, and for warming the soil ahead of spring seeding.”

Degelman, which already makes and markets its own Strawmaster line of heavy harrows in the company’s yellow colour scheme, said its Deere line of harrows can be set up in five- or seven-row configurations with 50-, 70-, and 82-foot working widths respectively. The HH50, HH70 and HH82 come in five, seven and nine harrow sections respectively.

The HH50 is designed for use in an engine horsepower range of 285 to 325 hp; the five- and seven-row HH70 require 200-300 and 400-450 hp respectively, while the five- and seven-row HH82 need 300-350 and 475-525 hp respectively. The units can be operated at speeds of up to 19.3 km/h (12 mph) in the field, the companies said.

“The harrow’s robust torsion bar design hugs the contour of the field while keeping consistent down pressure moving across rolling terrain to effectively shatter and evenly distribute straw residue and move the soil,” Degelman said.

Deere said the new units’ quick folding and unfolding sequence will help farmers move more quickly between fields while its “long-life, low-wear” tines and drop-out tine replacement allow for easy maintenance.

While Deere dealers will have access to the new line of harrows, the Regina firm emphasized it “will continue to manufacture, market and promote the Strawmaster 7000 series of heavy harrows to our authorized Degelman dealer network as we have for the past 27-plus years.”

Through its own dealer network, Degelman will also continue to “exclusively” sell its Strawmaster Pro field conditioner, Strawmaster+ harrow and Strawmaster X disc harrow, the company said. — Glacier FarmMedia Network

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